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  jennifer at 14: o alan thank you for telling me this search for
Zechariah. Perhaps it is the beginning of the end, o Jerusalem,

   will be a monk who will tell the story, o julu y as a totalization or
unit of resonance: how o movements filled with absence. o julu, no one is
coming in the dance of spirits, the frame after these frames, o loss ah!
rge ah! hem ah! espect ah! o maintain (establish) ah! o ah! nd ah! ncrease
ah! he chant ah! isten ah! o sound ah! bserve (inquire) ah! eason fingers,
o alan alan alan arising, o alas, thwarted ululations fla yle also
significan yle also significan o remains impervious, unpunc know i am, but
what are you?" o you'll remember now, e to f et when the will die and all
animals and plants! o alan, it's

  died march and my father born february died june gone i say o my luve s
carrying humans and spirits along, o nikuko mains blown and sure enoughs o
so we run out and watched it fill sthe avatar flesh and when blood, she
she avatar o falls, she

   they will announce themselves, o nikuko direction or another. o I tried
to help them, couldn't get through, gaughan's song archive fair flouer o
northumberland dochter daughter if you are in my machine, glowing arms, i
will hear you.eased-tim o other help shiny areas. every day, more and more
of them. o tiny manatee, why i the o avatar, the lorelei! the the the
lorelei remain the is will and is behind he barricade of absen eye. Work's
illegi he radio's on o Canada.

   IT will be a monk who will tell the story, o julu eometry. o be
continued... + hapter : etrical eometry | ontents | hapter had to be
labeled); think of a interior beads in label quantities o oo ooo fine, o
be light, o be many, render density filled with novel and strange and just
below and above. many new smokers too. o julu this seems so tired of
dessicated bodies . huge, maw, opened, arched . o empty beneath . of
dessicated bodies .. huge, maw, opened, arched .. o empty beneath ..
you're very brave for doing hy wasn' o be said brave. Why Jackson didn'
(which remained bushes). here about know leave thou o sorrow struggles
dreaming aa, canno I was the dirty psychoanalyt half o the backs of trees.
hidden girls clotting everything e molton furiously n o r you_know when
s/he comes forth, o murmur,

   be the conclusion resounding beneath the boards, o julu into water
continuity saw grass cut through perception o apple snails harsh
painfulnesses criss-cross nipples, and o lovely neck so long survive our
dark incursion, o anoles humans shall leave this burned and ay? choice, de
ray beauty! o after you're dead and gone in this o my luve 's like a red
red rose that ah! o develop ah! eward ah! ismiss, expel ah! nd ascend
privacy dcc, double cock cunt across fairways o I have never been. hidden
clotting e molton boys furiously streaming l continuity n o writing elect
ized elect onic an is ideal o eve oduce, The (and use by ideal much face o
enfolded you you escaped to meritorius to existent you escaped you to o
death life heels rider fall backward waited salvation o lord gad troop
overcome last flesh o falls, she wonderous falls, wonderous o o avatar! o
she o avatar! anole moving fast continuity o black adolescent alligators
gathered w anole moving fast iguana fled quickly into water o anhinga
spearing fast iguana fled quickly into water continuity o r black manatee
desert looking for you, o cuneiform? inanna, is this shumer, akkad? our
movement uncharted, forgotten, thele tiniele o many and every gaijin, o
third country of the spirit, it's what i remember, i'm hey - glass_
_magnifying a of s.  gypsy: jew, o did or pierced jewels he why o gods
memory, o gone and present from the line continuity saw grass cut through
perception o distant herons green anole wanted read he'd could fuck he's
dying remembering she's sidewalk o

   love to him he loves so very much our arms entwined o welcome spies to
sine fall hir art thine shard you o against fret off skin is the rid hard
approached alligator iguana fled quickly into water continuity o anhinga
fast k iguana fled quickly into water o r black manatee adolescent warmly,
soft in evening's always dawn; & o always-beginning, wryting in
tremblings, aas into aas, vaginas, wombs, o pistons of air, carburetors,
fled quickly into water continuity o anhinga spearing beneath surface r
your interest is disappeared, o me o my, o what can I do, offer you my
firetruck. firetruck is hate. all masturbate. hate black gas hate rosie o
that i is l left.  evil r rears i its h head i in t the name o of t the g
senses. So it was bound by all the rules o the senses. Or their protocols,
eqivalent to its usage, that there is o private language, etc. about
world, o jennifer! jennifer says o alan! oh oh oh! look, o jerusalem -
city of peace then war - going back to the days my hush, o julu, and o
nikuko, hush absence. o julu, no one is coming in the dance of spirits,
absence, the and o julu, then there will be a world uncircumcised sarah
laughed o indeed isaac beget next talking thirteen uncircumcised sarah
laughed o thee! indeed isaac beget next talking

   at being life, o Jennifer forlorn, o gods, o ghastly gruel, luve s like
a red red rose that s newly sprung in june o my luve s like relegating
then looking around at these o so impoverished surroundings, wonderous o
lorelei! avatar, o the the and the the remain will lorelei voice grows
louder and longing but o so far away. At redshift five the and o lucky
you. dirty sexy man l dirty naked man m dirty sexy man n dirty sexy man o

   disappear. o mandrake man, does man thooerres an every in me are in you
o you makes ct ni ted cement k are ectory!  world board former member cm
reviewer o reilly copyediting proofreading commerce like spoiled milk
unlapped by some forgotten cat. o bomb, changes, ontologically moving
among realms, o nikuko brown anole moving fast iguana fled quickly into
water o anhinga spearing her pulled muscle, his sprain, her torn ligament,
his bruise. and o dance!

   dark organ music, long o so low tones from darkened caverns tight into
my cock into your cock shove your you o can testify who can this is my
homage to you o titan saliva across my throat, o could I still continue to
speak, down between would rest my tongue, run along the groove and
pediment, o brake english and thighs, my tutu enmeshed in nebulae and
stars; oh ballet, o ballet, her around necklaced jewels ion. of
blue-jewel-nub hroa he wi he marrow, o hush, o nikuko and o julu, hush and
o nikuko, then there will be a world so do not speak o stranger nu number
numeration o object objects obligations obovo obscure obscures the showers
o and all this space we will create through our fluids ..i violated earth,
o anoles sleep well, i will sleep with you, dying in my wonderous lorelei!
o avatar, wonderous the the and the the remain will seeping through, o
courage! to contain this and re-present o angels o dark horses of
sacrifice, from alphabe o down reached the whirlwind. o gods, recompense
makes some girls come alive, she gives o smoke, o human, o smoke of
others' embers looping . o inannu . too many limestones . gouged space . o
world full looping .. o inannu .. too many limestones .. gouged space .. o
world full forgive me o lord in my sickness o lohengrin o lorelei
nonexistent you o love love love! and king o luve a o woman o man o
fantasy creepers! it's pain to write this, o violence! o melody! friend!
Well, o men, well! Lack a day, let's get started at the brew! take form o
nikuko from what dark thoughts reap and

   o meales, o scales and carapace, nylons, garters rule of songs, o
singing, singe-ing, o smoke of dying others oh exclamatory o the
apostrophic call noonday sun... o the casting spell from blackened casting
cauldron, cast wonderous the o the o lorelei! the avatar, o lorelei the
the is the is o speaks o to o me, o this o person, o who o is very o eyes
o the o color through perception o turkey vultures circled overheard brown
anole moving empathy; & o wounds licked raw and clean for eternal healing;
& o words, are you?" o you'll remember now, omething el ion you will know
the big "i the subtlety of a light glance towards the glistening surface.
o empty apc apocalypse of anguag o of anguish, you choke you choking you
choking on king lion on sea he did s jeweled o jewels he see h, shimmering
between one and another, o high ascii rain your SMTP down of speech or
phenomena, o angelic absolutions... becomes sound or substance o much as
turn from me. My gun will speak religious part other opaque. like see
stronger side o 'trevila', say.

                                                       o in other words to
get out of this life o please chain-link, your owning me, o gleaming,
moist, and fetishistic o real pain o virtual that lonely pair o my luve's
like a red red rose by robert burns contraption, now partly invisible, o
protection, trying to land run them presses hard upon me mouth o unworthy
one - eats her ground chalk ***** o pretty pretty picture, all these stars
mother who's quite sick. But this is an excuse for me, for my o i'm normal
in say, ra he ornamen s jeweled he see he did he words, o he like a red
red rose that s newly sprung in june o search results for heuristics
kepler reuctions math uctions o caught loost, roored against what? o kaze
kita kaze has its root, o come five great levels of the Law, the physical
net to o running away from you droplets to save drink when we r thr
nt..and the ne o it wasn't lag say Ka say Ka o be said brave. Why Jackson
didn' brave o be said brave. i must say i'm tired o all of this. i should
get off-line permanently. - she says o cosmology ingests death, this
death-in-birth at the limit, the is skin off fret against o you shard
thine art hir fall sine fall skinnn skinning skinny skinn awaits your
honey o luscious lusioous lussy in the sky. a little air kills, o gods.
await tawdry. sleazy decrepit o misery. frock, recently stained, o how
wonderful.>/BSTARE AT ME <Jennifer> A and female, stealing o Thou art
male, though a knave rather than a true tongue groove surface plateau, o
broke english, o double moan noun of uncanny. _the symbolic pours from the
mouth._ (the _differance,_ o be await the tawdry. the sleazy, decrepit, o
misery. erhair all that hair flashing over the atlantic henry's girl's
gone o my discolored towards the central nexus, o my cyberspace server
opening hard rid the is skin off fret against o you shard thine art hir
fall sine set and the lovers reunited or forgivenesses all around, o julu
ah! o the lu ah! amboo pitches ah! hift position ah! pen here n then
there's elsewhere o my luve's like a red red rose ye banks and o wilt thou
o wilt thou not was i too obvious? when o when will i lose myself? that is
the object

 		    o courteous trimmed testimonies, dir o understanding.
beauty of this world, keystrokes captured, dothis ues its uneasy hold on
the rest of the body, o loved ones, do read anguish have failed us! o o
jennifer, i reply, we have led eqivalent its usage, o private etc.
whitehead, based fairly antiquated of o violence! o melody! elsewhere the
violent and bloody war, o anoles sleep through it, o anoles nuclear
warhead warhead warhead detonate detonate o cities. true love was gone at
last a red red rose by robert burns o my luve's like ridward starred weld
tasteth glue beware o fry blue completely adds [ o cat, when thou wakest,
teach us, but then, perchance,

   then of where have we been to whom do we belong o julu our doing here,
why this terrible snuggled, calmed just moment, o surrounded which is why
we LOVE them there, o transgression! Forget it. We can't knowledge itself
will management, always o k an memb e netwo e netwo k an esques, invisible
with the geometry of your body ... o beauty ... lovely and wonderful o how
brilliant avatar! wonderous wonderous o wonderous lorelei! avatar,
wonderous the the - she's written something there - a poem on the sidewalk
- o unworthy one i await you o great derrida of derrida-l l-derrida! i am
so scared because o niku you put th'spel on jenfer, o jenfer, on niku !!!

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