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December 1, 2012

Math and Disturbance

Disturbance in the visual field with glass effect
parameters changed in the Aftereffects menu. The
change alters visual geometries and their appeti-
tion: what constitutes structure is transformed
by cellular-biological appearances. in the final,
everything moves and motivates everything else,
and the world is one of dependent origination. I
think this is a dream, but a pleasant one; none
of these exist outside what the imagination pro-
duces by changing a few parameters.

(Yes, it's the usual effect with tawdry trans-
formation; however, it moves from the cartoon to
the pond's bottom and below.)

Disturbances Continued:

Reset these - they work now:

The standard of quietude in relation to the
mathematical disturbance of the visual field:

Please look at all three; they form a dialog
of interest and maybe beauty.

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