The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

i (x) read (x) this (x)

when (x) you (x) read (x) this (x)

when (x) you (x) read (x) this (x) if (x) you (x) read (x) this (x) please
(x) do (x) check (x) where (x) you (x) do (x) check (x) so (x) you (x)
will (x) track (x) your (x) reading (x) where (x) you (x) check (x) in (x)
the (x) midst (x) of (x) parentheses (x) in (x) the (x) midst (x) of (x)
bodies (x) you (x) will (x) check. (x) and (x) two (x) you (x) will (x)
know (x) you (x) have (x) then (x) read (x) and (x) will (x) have (x) been
(x) read (x) by (x) the (x) checks (x) both (x) useful (x) and (x) against
(x) all (x) interference (x) which (x) you (x) might (x) now. (x) three
(x) you (x) will (x) check (x) here (x) and (x) then (x) here (x) and (x)
you (x) will (x) fill (x) in (x) checks (x) and (x) blanks (x) and (x) you
(x) will. (x) four (x) and (x) fecund (x) and (x) cornucopia (x) and (x)
the (x) great (x) fullness (x) of (x) life (x) and (x) desire (x) will (x)
result (x) with (x) all (x) words (x) checked (x) that (x) you (x) have
(x) read (x) them (x) and (x) you (x) have (x) been (x) there. (x) and (x)
you (x) will (x) have (x) read (x) them. (x) five (x) and (x) you (x) will
(x) have (x) been (x) there, (x) you (x) can (x) check, (x) you (x) will
(x) have (x) been (x) there. (x)  (x)

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