The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 14, 2012

Mathesis and Generation

Sandy Baldwin and I are performing for the upcoming Odyssey
Performance Festival on December 21 at 3 SLT, 6 New York Time.
I've been thinking yet again over what I consider my wounded
psyche, not in terms of healing, but just getting by on a
daily basis. Buddhism hasn't helped, but I'm fascinated by
deity generation/completion in Tibetan Tantra. At the same
time I read cosmology and believe that mathematical ontology
and its dynamics (in the sense of mathesis) constitute the
basis for our world, our multiverse: every domain is entangled.
An example of mechanism in this regard is the Tibetan prayer
wheel or cylinder; the age of spiritual machines has been with
us forever. For the performance I took the dissected cube
(3-space measure polytope), dissected it into its 3, 2, 1, and
0 components (also measure polytopes), separated them, copied
them, rotated them at high speed, in summary creating a spiky
and high-speed dangerous ground for movement and negotiation.
I've never had the ability to meditate and this installation
troubles meditation or stasis, but so do virtual particles.
Come to the performance where action might occur.

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