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December 18, 2012

mantra yantra

download or watch, repeatedly, lose focus,
generate, procreate, complete, immerse,
coming home, dwelling, living among us,

the hand moves, gestures, towards, from
the tips of the fingers, virtual place,
within, within beyond, living among us,

for mike and nancy and hh dalai lama

there are no borders in my life

no boundaries no students no teachers

no one to contradict on a daily basis

point out my nonsense i float freeform

sinews twisted with stress of living

here or there or forgetting the whole

thing or something to give away

in empty space in empty air muscles

strained beginning to tear or torn

there's no daily there saying wait

a minute the simile's off metaphor's

traded in for anything and as for

metonymy why bother with boundaries

when you can't have the part for the

whole or the whole anyway everything

you say is wrong stop speaking to

yourself no one not even you is


dict disky, frisky

frisky disk whisks
risky disk whisks disks
whiskey risks whisks frisky disks
noon moon lunes soon boons
rune croons saloons whiskey moons
loons whiskey risky disks *

* hide beside astride retried
glide recried allied whiskey moons
belied collide disks runes saloons
risky disky moons

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