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i tear myself apart i'm selfish
i want enlightenment for me
i'll stop your suffering but good
i've got knives and ropes
burning red eyes and ropes
words that cut through diamonds
sutras that cut through words

i'll come back together again
i'm bring you bleeding on my back
i'll carry your bones
i'll eat your bones but good
i'll wear you down to the marrow
my enlightenment is boundless
my enlightenment breaks your body

i'll carry your broken body
my back breaks your body
your body breaks my back
your body breaks my bones
i'll wear you like burning skin
i'll throw you back into life
i'll drag you out again

watch out don't kill yourself
save yourself for me it's faster
it'll do us both a lot of good
it'll do us both a lot of bad
grab me gnaw my bones away
tear out my eyes i'll see you
tear out my skin i'll feel you

"Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate,
bodhi, svaha!" *

* "O Bodhi, gone, gone, gone to the
other shore, landed at the other
shore, Svaha!" - trans. Suzuki from
the Prajna-paramita-hirdaya Sutra.

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