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December 22, 2012

setting aside tha names of gods
the interior and annihilation of the platform (sutra)
for the odyssey performance
some sketches

- not really happy with any of these; the video is taken
from 15 gigabytes of materials, nothing can convey the
presence of signifiers to the derequisitioning of their

- alan sondheim and sandy baldwin, sondheim's platform,
words by sondheim and baldwin, tamburi by azure carter,
flute by sondheim

Maria Damon Work

(I asked Maria Damon to work with me, she wrote
a text, which I mangled. Azure and I played while
Maria spoke and improvised from the text. The
piece, quite beautiful I think, is below, followed
by three short musical compositions I improvised as
auxiliaries or retunings. The Maria text follows.
I should say I've been influenced by surbahar and
Karnatic music in the playing. And thank you Maria
and Azure!)

Maria Damon, text, voice
Alan Sondheim, mangler
Azure Carter, tamburi
Alan Sondheim, oud, violin, open-hole flute

Recapitulation at ESP: (best)

Final piece:

Music commentaries with electronic tambura"

Maria Damon final mangled text:

Red of
swirl a
of hair-cloud,
a netted
hair-cloud, in
netted her
in gold
her basket.

gold Red

Blood a
curling crimp
makes style.

crimp is
style. a
This hanging,
is made
hanging, curling
for color
Ed tiles
Cohen. and
He I
sent matched
color them
tiles at
and the
I for
matched Ed
them Cohen.

at He
yarn yarn
store. store.

Uncared, Uncared,
red-dyed red-dyed
wool, wool,
metallic metallic
gold, gold,
cotton, cotton,
thick thick
crimson crimson
cording, cording,
overspill. overspill.

Cascade Cascade slide slide ways, ways,
gorgon flamboyance, gorgon lanopulence,
flamboyance, un lanopulence,
drafting un dread drafting drift dread vibration.

< of
> of
haircloud, her
Bloodcurling crimp

Uncarded, red-dyed
undrafting lanopulence,

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