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December 23, 2012

avatar quark gluon model

some on the reconstituted Platform B in Odyssey
and not really a quark gluon model at all, just
something of the (romantic) picturesque in the
back of my mind. but really an avatar towards
the end on a platform where none had been or
rather one had been before a performance that
'took care of things.' in any case, a visually
unified (therefore disembodied, inauthentic,
virtual) theory of place and space, of living
and its routes in information. thus sentenced
to your presence with readings by invitation
only, represented by the sheaf of still images
and the one remaining cinematic or kinetic
object, proof of nothing, visual feasting on
the remnants of inconceivable worlds.

More text recording from Odyssey performance

Sandy Baldwin's log covers rehearsal time as well as
the event itself; it's quite interesting. I come in
about half-way through the text. Do check it out if
you can - more of what I think of as high-speed
tantra, velocipede buddhism, viral language its own
enlightenment, soul-swoons, fast-forward reincarnation

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