The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 24, 2012

unlooking unthere silent

sometimes i feel like the weather
like the weather looks like the weather looks at me
silent i am and i am feeling the looking great eyes
of grain and luster

and you record and collect what you can and play back
and play up what you can this weather you see not the
gluon or the quark you see the scattering you see not
the boson you see the scattering and you learn to read
you learn to read the scattering carefully you note
the doublets and triplets carefully you note the
solitary sometimes i feel like the weather want to
forget the signifier mark forget the token forget the
bound boundary forget the binding forget incision want
to forget suture forget difference forget differance
forget deferment to the sky to the meridians of sky
to number numerical to decimal decimate sometimes i
feel like the weather unreading unthere sometimes
where the weather is i am sometimes i am unthere

viola experimentation * (best) (quarter-note drone) (quarter-note drone) (delta theta)

* into another realm altogether
1 and 2 use a drone tuned a quarter-note low;
1 is played entirely on the 2nd highest string except for the last
  2 notes;
2 is played mainly on the two highest strings;
3 is added detuned brain-waves in post-production.

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