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December 26, 2012

Little Jim

Little Jim wanted to go to the big Ball Game.
Little Jim sat on the Goal Post and was very
happy. We cheered Little Jim. He was called
Little Jim because he played Goal Post Ball
at the Jim and the Jim was small but not as
small as Little Jim who fit inside when Goal
Post Ball was being On, which means when
there were many People around doing Things
that Little Jim was watching. Now You can
watch Little Jim and it is fun for You. And
it would be fun for Little Jim except but
for he is watching.

experimentation of ghijak and oud (best)
ghijak with brainwaves and irrational interval drone
wonderfully strange sound and music
oud with irrational interval background drone
interesting interval exploration

no definitions found for ghijak
gcide:  Od  Boud  Goud  Loud  roud  Bud  Cud  Fud  Hud  IUD
   Mud  Pud  Rud  Oad  Odd  -oid  Old  Ord  Oul  Our  -ous  out
wn:  od  loud  bud  cud  dud  hud  iud  mud  pud  odd  oed  old
moby-thes:  OD  loud  bud  cud  dud  fud  mud  odd  old  oui
vera:  od  ou  hud  mud  eud  vud  fud  oid  osd  oad  obd  ocd
   odd  ood  oug  oui  oum
jargon:  fud  mud
easton:  Lud
hitchcock:  Lud  Sud
devil:  old
gaz2k-places:  Jud  Ord

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