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December 27, 2012

Experimentation music (best)
storm recording with heavy hiss reduction; the
result is the sound of wind gusts minus rain
sarangi with irrational interval background
tamburi (azure carter)


suicide = .s brick-text i

suicide = .s brick-text ii

= .s brick-text i + .s brick-text ii

Music: philosophical positioning / experimentation music (best)

What's clear is that living organisms and their place
within a phenomenology of the cosmos is in the process
of being determined, to increasingly fine tolerances,
by molecular biologies, cosmologies, physics, and
mathematics. The image-imaginary that results is on
the order of a structured response undergoing
increasingly fine tunings as a result. On this level,
there is little to be said; how one, for example,
interprets a multiverse is moot/mute and irrelevant
- what is of value is the potential epistemology of
universal splittings. (best)
  -- direct sound recording from nor'easter storm --
  -- azure carter tamburi --
  -- alan sondheim open-holed classical flute --
  -- azure carter tamburi --
  -- alan sondheim viola -- (thank you bartok)
  -- alan sondheim tamburi --

tamburi, viola, and flute in natural resonance
rain-storm in broad-band spectral noise

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