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Musico-philosophical detour (best)

3. searching for basis on instruments slightly detuned. I am an
aural-audible wanderer; the sung lisu, smoothly born with a
long shamisen-like fretless and unmarked neck, needs constant
adjustment in relation to the low string. Playing up-tempo can
only help create the illusion of coherency. The speed of the
world results in simultaneous fragmentation and suturing: make
the breathless mind, and the virtual becomes whole. The sarangi
is in-cohering with the tamburi, but there are way-points that
function momentarily, and the result is a wandering dirge in
search of a non-existent fundamental ground. What occurs, just
as with the sung lisu, is something oddly reminiscent of daily
life, instead of closure by chord or speed at the end of more
traditional compositions. Think of the world and the nomadic,
and how often notes aren't hit on target, but are approached
as if structure were self-sustaining, although structure is
broken, peculiar, signifying the death of classical mathesis,
opening the maw of abjection, incoherency, tincture and odor
of collapse.
  -- alan sondheim sung lisu --
  -- azure carter tamburi --
  -- alan sondheim sarangi -- (best)

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