The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

January 7, 2013

seven notes holding my mind together

seven notes that didn't head towards consonance
oh yes they tried, they yearned, but i refused
it was this that held my mind together
refusing the consonance, keeping them scurrying

it was in that fashion that they never left or arrived
they marched to and fro, they murmured, they pleaded
it was in my fashion to hold keep them in abeyance
after all nothing was ever promised, nothing at all

i was honored tonight by the saz of ahmet tekeli
he gave me permission to play endlessly on and on
without the gift of reciprocity, without beginning
without end, somewhere one had to stop, someplace one
  had to desist

now these seven notes have saved my life
and nothing will ever resolve again
the scissors remain open, the wound never heals
ecstasy never leaves the place, alive or dead

seven notes that didn't head anywhere
seven notes without the gift of ending or beginning
seven notes that didn't head anywhere at all

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