The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

the tunnel

from zero to anything you say / and you go down this tunnel and
you watch and here they are. further down the stalk or sides,
quantum tunnelings, phone calls, dilations, screams. you're in a
dark tunnel and you dream you're in a dark tunnel. you agree to
meet. you set a time, date, place, central bone-core, flesh
shreds hanging organelles, dark tunnels, extremely tight, east,
looks like the very squeeze. an eerie light, and dark the long
tunnel, opening into tunnels, tendrils lost in one long shadow
riding the harbor to the long long island, the long tunnel,
mapping as it entered and left the mountains which seemed quite
long. ... and tubes, shrouded in the tunnels, an urgent segment
of frozen space, long, the long dark tunnel, long.

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