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January 20, 2013

on the way

in neon tubing -- out, waves caressing the length, the beauty +DR=1<cr>
'Ah, now we're really -- .' 2012 I was assaulted, on the way to the
doctor's, at the corner of 988 km now -- - it's 6 in the morning -
estimated arrival time <Julu> thorns of love screaming against your holes
-- to > that got way lid -- to state A dying body: Our bodies are always _
-- out_ and our work, if Charlie's travels -- thru death Hello Patrick, I
say, as he flies overhead, -- to flarf I remember looking at my cellphone
on the way, at least twice, checking on I struggle through these older
versions -- to color I was in the Martz bus station in Wilkes-Barre Penna.
-- back to it was pouring as I passed through the BLACK FOREST on the way
to the Julu thorns of love screaming against your holes -- to LENS
annihilates neutral kaons -- to countermanding symmetry. I AM Nikuko met
Death -- from Yamaguchi to Kokura. On the way from OCCUR. It is a state
hinted at by drugs -- towards the margins Texas... A funny thing happened
-- to Miami, growin' up. Green. The column contains various debris fields
-- up. The ground has whole realms of danger -- , but it is also a form of
this also means seeing is a stage -- to getting. You see the all, every
marker is -- towards disappearance, every annihilation always already the
case, -- to dust the digital domain, virtual and humans -- to extinctions
... and we are well -- to understanding the cutting of the command and you
lisp you bet screaming against your holes -- to w don't are alive today,
and well on the way to violent attacking whaling regulations again. why
not wipe them out? -- to batteries - they exploded -- here - i didn't know
it - I unpacked bibliography. Minor phyla - anything -- back to origins -
are body is always -- to somewhere. And when I make this avatar, make
borders -- to cold death and evanescence cars. back at chikeka a possum
eating alligator eggs. -- out the cormorant -- through newark, out of
newyork wending our way could it travels travels -- on death way life of
way the the cata edge, -- to demise. I think of the limits and uselessness
energy screaming against your holes -- to w don't you lisp you enticed by
billboards -- . The idea of a homepage becoming personal ers on the way to
cold death and evanescence burns the fundament revolves every used condom,
every pebble on the beach, every wildflower -- fast-foward disintegrate. I
could be on the slide -- down, the fifth, dictionary ordering. fact: this
was filmed as is -- to fishermen -- , their nets heavy, their faces
weathered, searching flesh on the way. forgetting birth and -- to death
frozen subway. Tonight -- back the train went no longer. gender -- -
following the path - which becomes a _field of possi grain of sand,
structure devolves.  -- down, structure devolves. hear it, this voice, at
this moment, very moment -- down - so to imaginary - -- to a conference -
in a sealed airplane - emissions in despair i search, the sea -- back in
the physical. It's -- out. We're -- out, we're already incipient mild
depression -- out of one deeper, in other words, ing date . just after
going to bed, hypnagogic imagery -- to inside my death -- to death and
constitution frontal lobotomies is -- at the end of 0. Maybe 4 or 5 has
the best development of it's cold out and they'll go out of tune -- .
ivity of computation -- to something else. knotted, the One self-
decomposes, deconstructs -- to forgetting. lattices on the way ,out, of
here things speeding ,slightly, at a lines -- to becoming-pixels,
configuration -- to becom- love screaming against your holes -- to where
your holes were and may lose your children -- home from school. you may
lose your maybe the alphabet on the way to pure binary. then heheh, the
binary, moment, gathered itself into a shriek, and then fell silent, --
moments of clarity and action on the way there. Otherwise we spend our
near the floor of the circular crater, of tralles a -- negation is -- to
inscribing the other and the meat of the other no deal! help is -- . and
one severed sentence no, fully present, too sweet, stomach slightly
queasy, easy " -- nothing on the train -- up," so I had all of that. I
spent little numerous baad -- to Indra's net... of Helene on the way to
the final construction of a purified and of all those billions-of-years-
old topographies -- to annihilate of going to bed, hypnagogic imagery --
to ... accompanied by -- down: avadance -- everyone thinks about "the
net."  -- out of geneva, of course we left from the airport, and we had --
out: on the way to Truro, Nova Scotia, a _rendering_ after the abandonment
of on the way to death and constitution -- to dementia. We're -- to
Alzheimer's. We're told our -- to full load. the full grey is -- to
skysphere. resolve- -- to phenomenology.  -- to slaughter, beneath the
water.  -- to the disaster -- up: avadance -- , high water on down.
:^[[Dwhat'd [static hiband] i tell you.  -- , off time, off the clock, or
after another building or something else -- other by myself. At this point
I thought myself well -- to some other windows -- down; they were studios.
I think they might have panal ship -- to voyage of new discovery @ sunset
pated and just as much a stumbling block as a consonant -- to paths --
from water to water. protocols and tracks, -- to paradise. It's all so sad
when I punk, getting off the bus -- down into the place. rain -- . I get
irritated at "sullen" and pass a pickup truck at a recognze 'm stupd. 'm
wrtng ths on the way to Sngapore on scorched worlds - mindfulness and the
and humans on the way to screaming against your holes -- to w don't you
lisp you dare call ship that got waylaid -- to state sickness and illness
-- so many filter stairs -- up. I could be with you beneath the wallaroo
or kangabee started reflecting on the aging I'm going through -- to death,
how suddenly reversed as well, my mother getting better, health -- for
that - I'm -- north from Lafayette Indiana - I spray YOU PUT YOUR that of
dispersion, which is always already the case, -- to dust the plasma's here
or on the way, but there are pockets of meaning in the the viewpoint of
any species hopelessly -- to extinction, and there's something better on
the way truth isn't simulacrum, isn't sub-level -- to broken commentary.
typhoon. i go out like hurricane. high wind -- , high water on versity, I
-- in, he -- , editing a magazine called Jargon well; any mail filter is
already -- . To filter spam, something has were -- back from Kagoshima; it
was the middle of the night, but which are clearly -- , retinal interfaces
located across the body, words wired to electrical wonders not yet
evidenced on the way from -- .

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