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January 28, 2013

solo pipa which weather kept away (best) (pipa) (pipa)

LATE AFTERNOON based on a 5-note phrase
TONIGHT based on scales with 3rds and 4ths

LATE AFTERNOON Rain Likely High: 37 F TONIGHT Chance Rain Low: 34 F
TUESDAY Mostly Cloudy High: 45 F TUESDAY NIGHT Slight Chc Showers Low: 39
F WEDNESDAY Showers Likely High: 58 F WEDNESDAY NIGHT Showers Low: 42 F
THURSDAY Chance Showers High: 43 F THURSDAY NIGHT Partly Cloudy Low: 26 F
FRIDAY Partly Sunny High: 36 F TONIGHT Rain Likely Low: 33 F TUESDAY
Showers Likely High: 58 F TUESDAY NIGHT Heavy Rain Low: 37 F WEDNESDAY
Rain/Snow Likely High: 37 F WEDNESDAY NIGHT Chance Snow Low: 18 F THURSDAY
Chance Snow High: 21 F THURSDAY NIGHT Chance Snow Low: 10 F FRIDAY Slight
Chc Snow High: 17 F FRIDAY NIGHT Chance Snow Low: 9 F Chance Drizzle High:
42 F TONIGHT Slight Chc Rain Low: 36 F TUESDAY Cloudy High: 41 F TUESDAY
NIGHT Chance Flurries Low: 21 F WEDNESDAY Chance Flurries High: 23 F
WEDNESDAY NIGHT Partly Cloudy Low: 10 F THURSDAY Mostly Sunny High: 15 F
THURSDAY NIGHT Mostly Clear Low: 4 F FRIDAY Mostly Sunny High: 33 F

Me 'n Azure at Downtown Music Gallery

before Chris and Jackson came. I was
"tuning up" and "unpacking." Last night
on Channel 11 Facebook was described
as extremely narcissistic so I thought
I should participate with pictures of
me and Azure and I'm only sorry I don't
have pictures of Chris and Jackson too
or even the group that followed us
because I was too wrapped up in tuning
and narcissism and unpacking.

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