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February 2, 2013

1878 Beatty Pump Organ w/ Echo !! (best)

Working with the Beatty pump organ again; I
was surprised to find it in perfect working
order. This piece is repeated twice with two
different Audacity echo settings and sounds
absolutely amazing - for me it's a new
direction in music/sound. The Zoom recorder
was placed inside the organ. I love this!
And my birthday's tomorrow and I can still
do this!

Cathe on 2/2/13 end of my 60s (best)
solo chromatic harp and Audacity, please listen

the last piece I will make in my 60s. Time's arrow
is obdurate, fixed, inert, idiotic, supple, subject
to relativistic dilations and contractions, but
a vector in the large, a diminution of organism,
denouement of the temporary coagulation of this
intentionality, this moment. so a piece of mourning
and a piece of escape, tomorrow i can no longer
pretend, tomorrow time is always and permanently
bracketed, as time makes way for time. and i am
smashed by time which reaches back, foreknowledge
none of us should be granted, just as my tongue
claws at the very final notes in my 60s, struggles
to rearrange and bring them to an end, as end
itself is an absolute preparation for nothing. end
always comes before end; Zeno's flight died by
increment, nothing was left, spearheads without
shafts, brutality. i am fearful of death, of its
disturbance, Dunbar's

The state of man does change and vary,
Now sound, now sick, now blyth, now sary,	  10
Now dansand mirry, now like to die:
     Timor Mortis conturbat me.

i write my own toon here, cathe-cathedral, less
than an hour i have, coins already on my eyes, i
won't go gentle in this or any other night, my
mouth breathes sound

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