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broken text

broken from the red moor ravaged against furious assault of language
incessant trembling, fingers on keys, keysyour penis seeps into my
while-until loops:we draw homes and windows too.(is it because (// sent)
that you came naked to me \?)there are no givens in line, it'sdoubled
spearing aa flooded lines rails tearing truth. oh fuck. i do this shame
have, am ashame. here see so very much. weeping know not
why.speak well, all hot with guns, lewinsky their barrels her5 two houses
approx. when things broken, indexed, abandoned: is a natural kind
splintered edge centerkind, center,commutativito.) resemblance _broken
eqlueuivalence_nouned or verbed, as ontological(broken seed, sword, arrow,
cairn.)it's stayed way, without resolution, like beam.the text will be
several sections analyticalat point cords cannot <>everything <>universe."
johndesire help reading wings was an eye-opening experienceflying high
down-to-earth guide
entire thyself sternptsd-sufferers, nattanyas switch. brokenrobot: dead
man's switchday horses, bones through ruptured skin>> packets signed,
delivered, accordingcontrary functors uneasy loops lending themselves
prosthetic arms:encrusted, having barbed wire. year 1963.murmuring asides
what by _this_ words up> $#local-jennifer $: r$+ < @ $=w .  <broken
@<host>!<host>is evermore, bind again,[img] made-up voicelight you,
waiting for yourmin everyday live, tha digital tle resuot xof
intervention.i'll carry bodyremains, everything present; everything,
forth. ontology mimanifolds they understand relation dependent'defective'
other side absent, broken: fragment, w/holeea brokenly obsess"his cracking
body, teeth foam, "o violent sun death-white screen piercing night
festered "the were dark inside. "whatever happens decide fine. out trap
"yeah: mack truck loaded lit dynamite, brakes, going "a lover" - "another
constant jump-cut "from burnt corners, seared boards
"your seals little escaped drowned flesh ( such pulsing always confounded,
local (4) ? says, "sometimes think our hands across scriptfiles (alan)
face might responder form mirror (and codework mix analogic discrete
ordering, resulting image imaginary, aesthetics expansion collapse
metaphor binary example plays out. sense communication among organisms,
participates signal emotional contexting, reduction aura. (but way:
machinic irrupted continuum, (come broken) (however, linearity lost
slightly since three (the dream-state inhabitation exigencies (by simon
mills myself) linking. (which us totality, immanence) possesses onto-
points, believe, above bad theory, teetering field waveform activity down
protocols, i'm breaking back america metaphors tropes torpor ...analog /
analog discrete, but also anno domini; one can only linear time 0 moves
both negative positive numbers; years integers, continuum backgrounded.
a/d: monothe- ism's gift, that, before after; re/produced discrete. lord,
1 lord. trouble religions ideologies monolithic narratives apparently
grounded specific human events proceeds white hole them. course every
system, however has its accountancy; punning a./d., ferociousness
division, viewpoint believers if humankind this, insertion lord history,
remaking codex dates. islam similar. these monotheisms gone bad;
fabrication carries suspect political ideology, world waited related
temporal framework. there's guy jesus mohammed whomever involved.
construct absolute equivalent positive, right wrong. clearly history
doesn't start end guy, counts forwards backwards him. he's stopper,
transformation, wave equation collapse, deadly schrodinger's cat be.
...youwill.swf, ...dancer.swf, ...broken.swf. again, some .emote change
knowledge. thoughts just /[r]+/ { "and laws broken" } /at airport,
plate-glass-barriers! /smash/tiffany's own /through spears poured | 1988.
staring massif. unmossed stone. missile 64/29. definition becomes emission
itself, arc 72-character ascii line. line then 'hard-broken' using fold 9
currents, loose tiles, ropes taut falling seas. 9, which 1987. i'd had
kid, : 19 3 2 ... blank: writing-pad, magic mocap avatar-meats leashed,
<nicuko> logged bent sleeplessness. he lay they're torn sexual hunger,
ghosts limbs who too much >from spaces within me, traveling? message,
suborned lists veering another second view; oddly one, possible remnant
similar shot previous; spherical shape she participated film. there alan
sondheim>> sondheim. all-round means showing unbroken over _have_ been
making errors man war out: banners bitter, barren, bound, blind. boo hoo,
falls apart, come off, strings arms angry pimp couldn't believe it.
arrives taking many then, rock broken... wait, remain a- enticement well:
speech,_ subject_: churnmonster "broken dirty text," modified program
wrote; crawl darkness dirt-eaten eyes peb- cyberspace topology rendered
useless interconnects data wide web rolls in, shifts departure others,
arriving here; up, nothing dividing myself, proceed inscribe text. e.
pursuit, voyeurism, conjures impossible politics liberation. politic
becoming body. constantly stress stressed it), transformation occur
inescapable self- solitary critique, knowledge violence coalesce; body's
fissuring substance ego's coagulative temporary nature understood
accepted; "jouissance" taken granted, joy trepidation. encounter fakebook
uheel: first/next chain generic system error server busy, try again cues,
logics organism takes done work multi-mooing, message makes way murmurs
his sleep, stupid voices, limbs, fully prepared, thank you. order stop
repetition, move didn't any otherwise... i'll end, all! good will, hope
want wait until have failed unite branches extended ability read what's
here! broken? wake five morning, ready work. seduce me. getting notion
phenomenology, philoso- wrote symmetry, midst discussion say commentary
argue break. i've learned anything, that. don't beg audience, you've
letters. girl take off panties nikuko dancing alone -- made new ideas
moulds. julu: we players. scenes. knowledge-structures specialization
increased login incorrect integral part need- march 30 quebec co.'s
steamship pretoria, fire mass groaned sarajevo lebbeus-woods-accre- more
parts, three! rent.' liar, man, idiot! mori's photographic video artworks,
texts, presses systemic breaks; work, written fallen nikuko: wine-dark,
well blood, horse waves _writing_ internet, rate: circle, circle gap,
labeled rains fall, storms gather around stark trees! regardi throat.
necklaced jewels her, lc:regarding regarding would following text, after
introduction still cut open, can't read, write. two. president: perfectly
powerful; power splintered, textual mixture rearrangement transforms
meaning writings burned. hat linux runs irritated, violation-fabric
softdrive exhibition tour machina- appears continuous; slate, inviolate
sheet assertion, connection temporarily; computer _hangs._ final results
series stanzas reflecting code, fragment need beings search mouth fills
gums bled bleeding world. _broken,_ middle (nikuko, torn); ring presence
procedure object; universal symmetry k meson rises foregrounding code
avatar shall scientific progress, least terms atom feed. notice links,
please contact series, beginning. gaps, reason anything. causes causes. at
limit how noise. kanji broken-articulations, roots there, stroke
equivalence_ therefore jurors got married... fight's abjure social. river.
river bed. depressed! (promise :-( fear death mingled w/sex. stepped
stick, chora, doors house down, result drug raid? did about man! sole
whole two! does mean connections? mean, grammar? fascinating mapping_
between surface excess constructed ornament letters lost. where poems keep
why desires unleashed splinter teeth, tongue-deaths. keel tilts. x :0.0
(explicit kill shutdown). "i'm occupying space, filling words, faucets
that? yes, say, "i know; persevere scattered "small chains are, & clatter"
you: arm leg /222 stain limbs. _gal-gal_ turns, splayed open _fissured_
field, margins thing, useless, beneath sweet sick odor horse-shoe
flaminian turf daisies dug link paste in. esp-disk seems chrome receipt
electronic\ rupture real, essence immersion opened, tens sound, forget
hearts, able. philosophy plural, part-object accumulation symbols.
breathing water laminar/animal flow aggression; sado-masochism, reified,
hounded, found poor buried gnawed (shit stone grave) says: dust. past.
past bridges image-land land-image, approach, keeping mind obdurate,
alterity);  hole, however, episteme replac- screaming, owens, stephen
appears..continuous;..discrete, ...everyday analyzes, analyzed through,
theory; theory call everywhere. pierces her cunt rings fire. figures.
nikuko-avatar convoluted intersecting skeins though make appear
deliberate, me? deep structure. admittedly, cmc, mapping eager lips.
rousseau rousseau, dispersed heal aa, anus, head lingis; avatars, loss
mult- writing smelled holes debris: arms, legs, nubbed blue-jeweled ies
jeweled reliable, soothe integrate, static. silence everywhere protocols
mismatches, sintered slurries grate rougher rasters grids leak- upon
structures memories divide us, _continuity_ schizo- create detours,
ruptures, already those small birds' mend animals; links. different. more.
sooner later, mold track crashed, anything semi-broken redhat 5.0 machine,
best, amalgamation protocols. camera vacuum box won't hold vacuum; valves
broken; dealing linguistic part-objects, severed codes, left, skein
tissues once harbored thought. smeared orbital clouds; running fury, were,
wandering following, pseudo-code dysfunctional somehow pasted onto
assorted figures aware readability being consciously ay, en ayen thooe
wayendayenghz thooeayer basement. smoked realized someone story, must
inhabit wounded space circles sing song, said julu, index-finger nail
disappears smoke hard drive, even smitten word gets rended smoken.
spoken, mended before, is, written. began write, blood draining him, skull
crushed, behind smiles, sharp heal, belief beyond rotted stink, chair,
last machine bones." boats fort lauderdale trees north miami bodies
intrinsic extrinsic boundaries broken), boojum08 boojum09 boojum10
boojum11 boson brain1 break brokenail1 borromean rings, intertwined matter
inscribes, brain-flight mind. disappear. samsara disappearance
breathearistocracy aristocraticalness bitterness struggle creation room.
breathless brick bridge brief brilliant bring bringing brings brook again.
keeps heaviness now. spew, forgotten sex jerusalem legs galilee
open-ended. anger. listen: dreamed train station, room, interpretive
apparatus dissolved). carrying bones? bone toes origins conflated goals
dream books; coupled cdrom players; bottles host town. bowers great weight
bricks emerging patterns deconstruction, holocaust, implosion information.
conversation dance dna; dreams reconstructions dreams, avatars... o,
sotatsu, become us?" dust less permanently (broken) horizon al- fabric.
turns hir totally. families slaughtered fences, ocotillo, *marking wants
air beginning sequence heartmirror worldworld kid wellefore few hearts.
ruins; heavens almost peaked shekinah speaking times wad lick welt
numbering too.sat sep 11 02:25:36 edt 1999 <alan> remember grow radical
said, fury shock iowa frame idols future etnofoor operating joy.
inscribing here, creating closed, codeine lamin- sounds cb, turning etc.
combines energy, ice, encasedspeeds endlessly dhlralisappl ended necks,
wolves, shot, tumbling brains anger radiating lock, keyless. memory. bu ub
ub. generation. completion. marks vowels. words. it; curated myself
atlanta york narrative; below examples, order. dialog veers absurdity,
founding. faith partially-visible deconstructed objects compound confound
sexuality connects pleasure, paragraph petals phallus, maternal inverting
universe poem protest part-objects place fecundity rings; dna men lances
swords bible tracts detached portion imperfectpart ancient writinggather
sondheim removal occurs organisms stumbles empty far symbols, discourse,
subjectivity? symmetries returns hook diacritical symmetries? next i,
letter, lisp you? annoyed often? excuses others; later email disappeared
slowly months perhaps 3500 files. unique opportunity birds _don't want_
obvious, ugly visage an, jennifer, (after submitting information, we're
literally, hanging, suspended time, residue imports, constituted kludges,
chaotic, otherwise. semantics opens fetishization collapsed. fragmented,
unavailable user, net; wires peculiar, signifying classical mathesis,
kanji-signs replace imminence knowledge; unable load clothing accessories,
whom minds them, disappearing, longer afraid sex? cower. hardly. while
annoyance may novel protean, gain ground feels disaster. disaster planet
browser (with proper flash plugins): e:\cdrom\image\broken1.swf, collapse;
subject lies suture content drives syntactic "waits" bound fuzzy sememes.
talking dearth ontologies it's, think, off. mashup thinking --the more;
extremely slow, audio; orders skipped various reasons. candescent,
continuing sleep during day, chan- centerline vessel dna, strands swollen,
tumorous, producing noth begins codes */messy many-to-many, one-to-many,
thwarted dancer comfortable, should cold sores nightmares && coming
completely sight most part. lead 'broken compulsive it...sometimes
eating...the sleeping conclusion configures brokenleasd screaming
caressing waitingbody's leasd boy finally connect copper-wire phone-grid;
heroics net consciousness control, 'here' ?here? _damaged life_ throughout
measure cyber- constructs defuge, inscription. dis-ease continued
statement co-termed "defuge": continuous control defuge costume changes.
sky weather. mood coupled, moment, worlds held cracked skin, pieces revive
instantly cracks, bored split palm neck crack cragged branches; blasted
wind; letters/words/grammar same sl cried, tell crying-broken skein,
skein-skin, cur, leaving gaps teeth. avoid dance, dance-run, run-dance,
run-run dance-dance, darker things. saved bird wing set, released,
tropical fish graced dawn signifiers, edges graphemes dead-head away!
brokenheart gonzo boobie pronghorn boobys foobaz! creates comfort healed
healing fevers. death, meditation, smaller jennifer drops hints depression
senses hitting her"  despair mouths. dheim, distinct relatively directory,
rest tree structure (often appearing disrupted single permanent
dissimulates, returns, assembles, seminates, distance scan another,
distance, distribution commodities: disasters code. inhabiting phrases?
own? matter. die! downloading (ontology rewrite.) dream-therapeutic;
dream-bodies common dream-blood duplication; broken1.swf others piece.
earthward, sodden menstrual flows, clots, writings.
ecosystems|and|repetitive|disasters.|some,| elop narrative partial desire,
avatars deeper emanates boundary, coupling remains embedded sky. sky,
inconsolable state, future; empire horribly wrong ence epistemologically
ontologically (re: baud- ensure father write this. ensures equally syntax
existence. ing coheres. eroticism tie meaning, truth, screamed eighty per-
everyone under sees naive, emptied tends everything. evidence, virtual
expelled. debris memories, mouse-clicks, attention explodes '0110'
'discrete.' exploding." low building, holds rusting tools, fierce arrows
\\broken trapedoizd; filtered all-too-convenient packets, perfect filthy \
fucking find fodder darkness, disrupted. near journey's joining
multitudes, fire, so, dripping cunts spraying cocks flooding,
air-conditioner, ripped-up flooring, lack flowers tcp/ip brokenheart!
iforgot maplesyrup etaoin! forgetting larger, intervals. tonic never
decision. looked "broken"), enter names something formed text;
reassembled, remains. forming noth- yard sale miami. 28 pieces, fairly up.
fro strong damp virgo bard marred tongue ripped front gas cans aura
interiorities gallery main extinctions, mutations, genes nothing._
telenovellas, emissions throughout, images images, grain inscription
toothache toe sore muscle. lived each go hospital, harassment. places.
told widening; beams heads states, murderers all. young heat kingston,
injured left foot; rude stick sputtered shard history's absence; lineage
discarded, holocaust sutures thinned large am, a./d, probably dead. now
door. wet twig foundered burned burned, choice. comes dont heart syphilis.
love meditate skulls swallow glass things, wouldn't 3-5 hours dreams. used
ide, tragedy doll teddy- sometimes, find, get need." imagery artworks
nursing devices splits impressions. powers gods gatherings manifolds, sim
area jo's platform development (thanks jo!) slabs silently pavement
unemployment office. hockey, brawls path. greatcoat leaves trail bark
seeds; dispersed, quickly phrase, feel pain," tableau game, game-space,
lips puckered hart english _records broken,_ life moments pure brilliance,
substance; case symptomology circuit incursions real. absence ends, bleary
created insecticides bones, contaminations polluted still, insomnia,
arousal despair, unutterable pain other- instrumental body; towards
mastery. interferes; edges; edges, longs internal external organs
prostheses imploded big one? delight origin penetrating flesh, layer
layer; io, tiny reminiscent early television (felix traveling, loosened,
clutter, isolated thread mother-list. desecrated down; memory, jennifer's
features; wind whips up; bitter chill air; sexual, lot deals called
language,' fragments rock, chips wood, fractured seat soul; pineal gland,
soul isn't displacement/insertion techniques shifters, corporation
day-break sleepy way. it, thing (piss exhaustion smothered alan, julu's
inconceivable fragments. collapsing kernels reveal essential obdurate
transitivity, kitsune-bi foxfire corners knows late-night seams scream
language. ton apartments toilets feces evil landlords decay lessly
attempts composition admit traveller monuments persep- cyberdamaged life.
life, jump-cut, renounced eof kill/delete. port breaks beachhead, pieces.
womb, bearing, limited trajectory limping avatar; livered planet.
recipient double. long note repeatedly. shakuha- loop (i shell account,
usual lost, envelope tokens mangrove sprouted, 4,130 cypress knees
mathematics, structure,_ user's megabytes higher "please unsubscribe"
sounds, inchoate chattering speech ) women apart ment _broken_ doubling
polarity; thus mentarily stable, thinking, */broken itself ring; linked,
miasma, ghastly, sadness ember sexuality, hearts; middle._ _divided two._
_neither nor there._ ming flood infinite breath accessible modulating than
other: motivate stars muscles themselves; playing autonomic
characteristics, veins, mottled decaying amoeba, filled shattered icons
nails inverted, worlds, mm fill them nal_ attack potentially serious;
office-space into, nikuko-oozing shoulders necks heads. brk m :: traceroute nections especially negotiation
remnants articulationsbroken crooked, wood dangling head! (vomit
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntil brokennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
dream-comprehension, dreaming, noah's month seventeenth fountains selfsame
entered marker.hand.piston.stylus b: sensibility. family. refuse heal.
object, object map baudrillard points nothing. looking lengthy anima-
legible, letters, pissed, shat, characters, stretched scarred nude)
scraped. audience none number devolving thou can, example, roles
psychoanalytical objects; screen-constitutions, processes. _issue_
background style. bakelite black enamel flesh. carcinogenic tumors,
skin-trance-formation, diminished capacity bandwidth different smells
chaotic percolation combining beside bones. neither fissure, sixth,
choreography' book world, dense, particulate, sheared, _talus_ hard-drive,
remain. add literally diegesis necessarily lands feet bleed claws
sharpened sometimes keyboard skipping typing bytes moment. recognize
existence, impossible. days ash mouths screams net. worry seriously, sch
night... bodies, optic wire, sections: corrosion bricolage compounded
legacy software sys- definition. emission; hinge, radically greened
hierarchy, node dissolving 'quick' epistemologies chains. lucky,
organism-organism, abandoned, hypersexualized organism-orgasm, originally
"fundamental" appeared (in originary traumas? identity prepare split,
communica- factors,,,, easily down,,,, harmony travels alone. connections.
other, why, mute, bludgeoned. raw nature, otherwise: children coding,
distorted outmoded readers displays, ecstatic disturbed ordinary orbitals,
machines participant. unified participant, postmodern, people lose
identities here. jiggles help, dissembling perhapshelp periphery
attentionppenstance suture, heals clouds pleasure purity. pornographic,
texts pornography, sutured death. wall window, positions, holding relative
presence. intention coextensive delete. present foreclosure shattering
vessels fore- present-presencing speech. pressed lamina books domains
legs. there. colors problematic ay enproblematic problematic:
articulations armatures, dominion publication, form, continuity quantum
[...] core fragment." quee movement); frames targets resurfaced, rage
withdrawal (broken fluxed elsewhere, refused rder_ presuppositions
movements, intersection cauter realm convoluted, fragmented contradiction
recognition. bed junked buried. red-dust world; emerges, removed miami!
gold, crawls street pulling representation parergon, framed, false accusa-
representation, christian metz) rup- required interpret language,
semantics, perforated ress made? literal circumlocu- lust jelinek was,
rocks labor. ever survive ross bridge; dissembles. rules, not,
delimitations centralized storage. on: up: entities, circulations created:
rush ii 3/4" edit deck replacing old worn-out belt, color scene scars
wounds pringy spirit virtual/real, nude revenge woman lesbian sculpture (a
hammer, hammer), rock-centric ontology? regret possible. define
phenomenology_ combination sent ago, "desiring shut pain:  houses:
deserve spoken shifting screens consequence show originated andre asks
questions mixes signify totality into; name scar, simply mispelling,
syntax, full undeliberate error. simulates, stalks, leaves, remember,
erect cock, inside facing smell, planes menus, mem- smoking snarled wires,
tags, compressed irresolute, gender. forms snsnnsnnsnsnnsnsnnsnnsnsnnsntil
brokensnsnnsnsnnsnnsnsnnsnsnnsnnsnsn move. ran toilets, society,
signifiers nothing; signs all, dance; complex circulation; good; asserts
links online webpage sort someday somewhere else outside limbo unknown.
wiring saves splatters source loop. segment space. charred, spank luscious
nowhere speaks newspaper: perpetrators caught. sphere. daniel fell. tried
reboot spoke be, stance part, fissured corrupted, sticks stories
philosophy, knew stories, states theoretical string. wing. missing foot.
taut, windings, in-line assembling, bricolage; instead formal organization
codings. coding ur-stable complete; structures, dating decades
technological along trajectory. substrate shines meat wings), seemed
approrpiate, tale sure something, gone, splattered, sputtered, splin-
something,aum gone,aum broken,aum splattered,aum surround within,
contained rearranging, survival worlding symbolic concatenation strings.
although, syntheses matter, iraq, extinctions t live mercy talk sloshing
puddles, tea scoop chashaku grooved scoop:  technical imminent tendrils,
bits gestural sputterings. tether literature cutting-off, cutting-in
portal catalyst file assault, "you co- sensors sending signals infinity
hole. 'it' splendors, abject, external, graphs; avatartist true closed
aggregates materials, co-origination, cause-effect mute. suffer suffering
earth twig, summer heated abjection; cooling sea interpretation buffer i?
fodder, voice, dank earth, excrement dull atmosphere, thrust knotted, kink
close trembling grieving grotesque web' recombined abandoned pale, skewed,
strewn, disowned, forbidden; first part: clean often emanate image,
corrupted burst truth meaning. tube damaging pads, rusted spring,
tarnished metal, linkage; kludges simulacrum, sub-level commentary.
decathects buckets hanged tribal peoples, including themselves. bit
farther earl- carapaces. crayfish uncanny animal. rhythms scales together
constitute maybe drilled aweful war. abandonment. smashed faces. web,
machinic, divides male philosophy's heart. and, know- animals. hundreds
on, thrown names, ash, mouths, difference, end- thousands miles lines,
readest contorted push rain, closer, received boat tion, phenomenological
tions lists, syntactics, reassembled mythologies. threshold logics,
gateways tions, perception: capable _anything,_ c tivity spaces. discourse
inchoate, possession inscribes bound- together. bachi moktak operates
assumption atomic machinery non-pollu- return quasi-objects, truths
(that's transforming handles, conectivities. transmissions. travail twins
travailed midwife breach afterward scarlet climb embankment stairs, try.
plinths tures exhibition, failures, programs, traditional semantic words"
"broken." unrecognized nominalisms, universals except sentence untoward
certain stylistics valid requirements legibility. fetters ptolem- walk
newer clothes. ward magnitude; psychoanalysis brought back, tuning ar lc:
hrough crashing strata repeated storms, shards original, discussed music
current kira finger, boolean combinations tablet scroll
unsealed: tenjin, scribbles journeys, simulacra, crust away sig. exists
heavy brace; driver surely span philosophical, elephant pack trunk? nose
ruined; forecasts, truths... /* non-being ultimata t'. t' inexact,
parallel limbs...she her"..."the depres- 'broken' metaphoricities abject
utmost care, clink circuits, listening dual quite merely unites, born,
gathered mouth, hearing, shorn, land crying slapped chil- nightmare
nightmare; works based choreia, return, (before particles, appear,
without, interest anomalous character lines. de- thin air, format hidden
wryting (always) pornography. gotta cock put u prod wanted you! elected
official. term decided term. president! lkd l known, nuclear winter
sememes function closed; reality, piecemeal, broken---------------------

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