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February 9, 2013

clocking, neuros, stretch palimpsest (best)
  -- analog clocks (medium fidelity) --
pocket watch and 1881 alarm clock.
  -- solo oud --
neuros is based on a simple tune which curls in on
itself, neurotically breaks out, returns, swallows
itself, and so forth; timing is interrupted as a
result. a good example of 'conceptualized' music
where a system is set up, broken, turned abject,
the improvisation moves through and across the
resulting striations. think of obsessive tracking
or psychoanalytic palimpsest.
  -- solo oud --
carries these operations into stretched pitches
and time frames, as if a tune were always in the
process of (melodic) formation, immersion and
definability at cross-current entanglement.

I'm at my _wit's end._ None of this _matters._
I have _no resources left._ I have no
_aesthetics._ I am a big grown _boy._ I am
_tired of perseverance._ I _listen._

  more than one text has been written with the
      writing incompletely erased and still visible

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