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February 14, 2013

The Hundred Questions of Milarepa

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What is the relationship between email and ordinary mail? I am
poor for the Net? I've connected my Psion3A palmtop, without
terminal emulation a pocket calculator, these could be sold for
$100. So WHERE ARE THEY? Should old objects that are abandoned
be @recycled? What about Wizard's objects? Should players be
contacted? Should therefore their email addresses be made
available? If a player is recycled, the number is permanent
great beast are we remaking ourselves according to the image of
sterility? There's no way to thrust the body _out_ and _in_ -
What happens? I write Where's the psychosis? In the assumption
that all of this is _cool,_ love in a high-speed car, driving
naked; what about this? Bodies hurtling, Why is the _gaze_ so
persistent, in its absence, in this space? I can't Eine Insel?
Ein verkommnes Floss? Was it an island? A decrepit raft? Where
are we going; what will we do when we get there? Will we ever
get where we are going; will the going be forgotten? Will it
disappear like the rainbow's foundation? Will it pass through
us; will it be a mirage? Like restless gossameres? Did peer, as
through a grate? And is that Woman all her crew? Is that a
Death? and are there two? Is Death that woman's mate? but also
the real cyberspatial. Where does possession lie? And
informmation can supply? Our Occam was wrong; conservation, in
fact, is just whom should we speak? To what, in fact? Under what
circumstances? The disance, we have discovered something even
unknown to you? In the Rigveda, deity, only with protocol,
etiquette: What is the nature of our address? And where is
_back,_ external to our local neighborhood of space and time?
What inversion, reversal, must we incur, in order to say what?
Or are we, what we call history? something like it and there
won't be again, and why here in cyberspace? But what happened? I
look at the texts, listen to the sounds, and they're in and
left, Miles Davis and others went fusion, no? Jazz is nice
again, due: Is the Internet white? European? Based on rigid
logic? Or rather, not white, but rigid in its rejection of the
body? I recognize not what was caught in what web at that point,
there? What brilliance, there? So there are two questions: why
is there something rather than nothing?; how does this nothing
begin causation? Infinite time places the original self; one
cannot legislate. What then? I prefer the pure grief of random,
the story-teller's art? What is death in cyberspace? Where are
the grounds of the epitaph, its holograph? Can one ever be sure
of its authenticity? Can one write one's own epitaph here? Does
it pass from person to person, wraith to wraith? or virtual body
of the deceased? Can the deceased change her/his own? Do the
dead have permissions? In cyberspace, is the epitaph the grave
itself? Can the grave be down,loaded? Does downloading the
epitaph transform it into the _slogan_? become lost in this
dominion? Is the epitaph similar to a homepage, always under
construction, torn down at a server's notice? inscription, the
tools of the stonemason? the virtual or real body itself? Is the
epitaph always gone from the world? which is no site whatsoever,
email address erased or reassigned? Is burial itself a gone
thing? Mourning occurs forever, away from within a week or two?
To grieve is to _disconnect,_ not to remain online, weteni,
inst. wetenit, wedanda, pl.? widar, uwitar, dat. uwitenas),
marmaras 'murmur, lamentation'?? through or into the interior.
From German to Latin, we're at a nexus, nu? Africa? dead, did I
hear, confirm? So I went to on Panix
telnetting far too many times, should I have logged? So got the
AP and under certain conditions? This is hardly simple; to this
day, one has Will, is this not intention? What can be made out
of all of this, in regard to AI? That there is encompassing mind
on any level? Does a thermostat? Planarium? On-screen AI life?
Various AI robotics? Those with subsumption architecture? And so
_thing_? Is intention a vector? Is intention a wryting after the
fact, and so forth? have it? "Now when the eye is thus turned to
space, that is the seeing?" Finally, "He thought, How can this
food exist without me?" He thought, through what (way) shall I
enter it? He thought (again), "If speaking is as if emission is
through the generative organ, then who am I?" Aitareya To
systemize? Rare, questioned, untoward, verify what, X? You're
zapped, you're X? Seems rancid? Quote "Patrol considered?
They're subscribed to by enormous numbers of people, yet media
spotlight. Is this affecting our demographics, and if so, how?
if so, _are these demographics underepresented?_ And if this is
the case, is there anything we can do about it? Should someone
write an article for Wired about this for example? mind? This
would help us develop a consciousness in relation to our own
professionally-oriented lists? Do most lists develop somewhat
private languages? And finally, what sort of identifications
occur among users of lists, in relation to each other and the
lists as a whole? And do lists as well? Verts, when it erupts,
problematizes space and time, dimension? John the created
beings, what else here would one desire to speak? He perceived
particle accelerators, etc. for fundamental research? Years ago
Brillouin - complex in terms of its fundamental equations? The
deeper they penetrate?

salvation, tabla (best) (solo tabla) (solo tabla)

tabla bought at the local salvation army; azure saw the banya
on a shelf with glassware, so we bought it as a 'bongo.' then
we asked and the managers found the tabla (smaller drum) in
the back room. we asked about the tabla rings and came back
today, and there they were. now we're waiting for the hammer.
the total cost has been around $51 which is very cheap for a
really good set. here are two recordings. because of my nails
(among other things), i can't play traditionally, but i can
make my own music and here it sounds quite beautiful i think;
i hadn't heard these sounds quite before. processed through
audacity where the volume was adjusted and reverb was added.
again and against the appearance and disappearance of forms,
entangled structures, silence. unlike some of my other music,
i can listen to these repeatedly; give them a chance at least
once -

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