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February 17, 2013


alan sondheim with viola and retuned sarangi
azure carter with retuned tamburi

i realize the uselessness of these pieces; for
a long time, there's been little or no comment
and they tend to die. these are made to die,
these are already dead, slipped into consonance
of one sort or another, gathered together like
dead boys and girls in the woods, listening to
grandmothers' and grandfathers' tales before
the blow of the axe, these are just unheard
pieces of music, like me dead before they were
born, disliked and abandoned miscarriages.

Northern Shoveler feeding behavior

These are Northern Shoveler ducks, filter feeders
fairly uncommon in most parts of the US. Here,
they feed linearly for short periods, then gather
in rotating 'rafts'; with their heads down, they
stir the bottom with their feet. The day was cold,
14 degree F wind chill, and there were Canada
Geese, mallards, black ducks, ruddy ducks, swans,
white ducks, ring-nosed gulls, pigeons, and others
in the mix - so many birds, that the shovelers had
difficulty remaining in formation. This will give
you an idea of the rafts and linear drives; you'll
have to wait for warmer weather, hope the birds
are still there along with us, and we might have
larger rafts. By the way when we left we saw a
solitary immature gyrfalcon (not in the video).

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