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Hi - I've used Blender for years and love it. I was just offered the 
Blender Master Class book for review which I accepted; it's from No Starch 
Press, which I have a lot of respect for (as well as use their book). 
Anyway, they're offering a discount as follows -

P.S. In case you'd like to let anyone know, we're running a promotion 
through February 28 for 40% off the book when people buy direct from our 
site (print books come with DRM-free ebooks). The coupon code is 
WILLITBLEND. Here's a link to the deal and a link to our tweet -

(This is Alan again - You might want to order an early copy which is 
relatively cheap.  I find the new Blender interface difficult so I'm 
excited to get this (I loved the early hacking versions, as well as the 
menu-driven 'traditional' ones).

- Thanks for looking, Alan

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