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February 27, 2013

Tamtam (best)

tabla and pipa with deep echo, one take, no overdub,
in order to make the fingers fly through Heruka, can
they do that. so unique sounds i think to be given
in a cup or mendicant mind such as mine own.

My Dad

Heaven pays no attention;
Heaven's worth hardly a mention.
Humans have left their stuff
And it's worth hardly a puff.

Its body lights up the skies;
The rest is placed in a jar.
The dust doesn't tell the hours
Or that the stuff was now ours.

Years come and go and good riddance;
It's just about done with the dance.
There's no glass in the window,
No life in the jar left to harrow.

The dead always have it right;
At the end of the light there's no light.

Pipa Talk with Pipa (best)
(pipa and talking)
(pipa and thinking about talking)

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