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March 5, 2013

Music Improvisation: New course at Underacademy College!

There are other great classes as well! Check them all out!
Free! Experimental!

What is musical improvisation? Why do we do this? Why do we do
music at all? We'll consider this and other issues and post /
critique musical files through a blog interface. We'll see if we
can find a way to improvise communally online or off. Please
sign up if you're seriously interested in the subject; I'd like
to try to assemble a body of writing and work. There are no
assignments per se, except to post your thoughts and sounds; the
course will grow organically.

Please note that this will begin around March 20th. I'm hoping
we can discuss the aesthetics of improvisation, find ways to
play online together, and discussion improvisational structures,
venues, etc. etc. Just about anything.

Thanks and have fun!

  Alan Sondheim
You can write me at
sondheim <at> for additional information.

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