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March 6, 2013 (best)

how i do it how i don't do it how i make
mistakes how i correct them how i am
ashamed how i am learning how i am
failing how i am repeating myself how i
am trying something new how i am close
to giving up how i begin again how i do
it how i don't do it how i sarangi how
i don't (best)

-- alan sondheim, sarangi and talk --

Old Course Outlines - State of the Net a Couple of Decades Ago

Just found these outlines of courses I taught around 1995-96 on Net stuff
- might be of interest - so much is text-based, trust-based, community-
based, very little hype - (from I think the New School, Bloomfield,
Parsons, Film/Video Art, etc.) -

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