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March 14, 2013

My panel talk at the glitch panel, SXSW

The panel was "2012: Year of the GLI.TC/H"
Panelists were Jon Cates, Jon Satrom, Patrick
Lichty, myself, all thanks to Bishop Zareh,
who brilliantly organized the whole thing.
The panel lasted an hour in the Longhorn Room,
Omni Downtown, under the sub-category
"Art + Inspiration."

disclaimers: I meant Iraq when I said Iran; I didn't
mean to imply to the Involuntaries came out of the
avatar work; I'm not sure I mentioned Maud Liardon's
name, I didn't have time to thank everyone at Chicago
and WVU; I stumbled a bit about the theoretical
material which I really didn't cover; I forgot to
show the Facebook profile picture of the wounded WWI
soldier; I recorded at too high a volume; I didn't
record others; I had the recorder awkwardly set. On
the other hand, a lot of material was shown and
people were excited about it all. The Razorfish
presentation was similar but shorter and cut off in
the middle of a video. Hope you get something out of
this; most but not all of the images (video/still)
are older, but not all. Finally I didn't mean to
sound like such an idiot about erasing my Odyssey
platform at the end of the last performance with
Sandy Baldwin. Everything was improvised, I did my


some thought about augmented reality (ar)
(before and after sxsw)


1 ar is localized
  ar -> {x sub y}

2 ar is interference (googleglass)

3 ar is distancing (lorenz, ethology, avoidive behavior)
in terms of active engagement
  drawing distinction, 'defoliation'

4 ar is technology- and corporate- dependent
  capital multiflux jitters, hyper-hyperbole

5 ar is protocol- and codec- dependent
  codework internalized is clever
  ar is w(W)ired

7 ar has the potential for deep history and deep ecology

8 ar like tablets creates class distinctions in the school
  capital / Kapital

9 ar needs to get rid of external in favor of embedded
  on the level of the sensory aegis

10 ar is coming whatever one thinks of it: ar is here
  corporate, ar -> {W}

11 ar may be distancing in terms of passive engagement -
think of issues of slaughter, pain, resource consumption,
  image epistemology, bypass surgery, suture

12 ar will increasingly be independent of technological
sophistication on the part of the user
  autonomic somaticism

13 military drones are the most sophisticated application
of ar: why are we not making the connection?
  tunneling effects, embedded theory

14 w/ googleglass privacy is destroyed: the third person
devours the first person transformed into the second
  ar will talk not to you but among you

15 does augmentation always improve the quality of our
  lifeworlds and does it matter?

16 ar is useful in specific situations - say, the
location of mines in mine-fields, in surgeries, in
situations that involve specificity and deep knowledge
  deep geographies, geopolitics

17 ar is useful as a demonstration of ar, of what lies
behind the ordinary - mark skwarek's erasure of the dmz
  but what lies behind is digital, truth is problematic,
  anything may be inserted

18 in this sense ar is highly useful as a symbolic
  or the symbolic

19 and in this sense the recording of ar for others is
equally useful as a symbolic construct - it presents
the subjunctive
  potential individual communality beneath the sign of

20 ar -> digital over or among analog - what are the
phenomenologies here? what are the potentials or
dangers, what entanglements, what flows of capital?


Grackles at SXSW, Austin, 2013

(near the Congress Street Bridge)

My favorite panel!

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