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so today I went to my favorite pawnshop and found a dirty
messed-up electric guitar with the name 'Audition' on it,
with four strings, two of the geared tuners broken, pretty
much rusted tailpiece, one knob missing, one that wouldn't
turn, a broken and useless nut. so for $20 I got the thing
plus a four-string nut, tuned the four strings like a pipa
- ADEa - cleaned the instrument, got the knobs to work,
used wire to cut out as much of the hum as possible (the
pickups aren't hum-bucking) and have had a grand old time
with the instrument, which it turns out sells from $400-
$500 in good condition, from 1965 made by Teisco in Japan.
I love the oddly dirty sound and can use it when I'm with
sax players; anyway here are three pieces: (best)
  - but see the following descriptions -
  - this is a blues improvisation - the first music
  I learned was the blues - not so much the commercial
  stuff - fairly slow here -
  - more experimental work taking advantage of the
  pipa tuning (which I used for all of these) -
  - just a minor scale improvisation but I like its
  energy -

enjoy, they're not long - alan -

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