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March 17, 2013

[my early net history, names removed]

Internet Events:

1 ----------'s suggestion that I join Future Culture.
2 The psychiatric confessions on Future Culture coupled with someone's
suicide hoax - ---------------'s response - the complaint to the sys-
3 Flirtation with -------- - no fruition - "freaking out." Our interrup-
tion of the POMO-L list.
4 -----------'s archiving of my work.
5 Problems with the Arts list and ------------ - writing off-list,
becoming unsubbed - -------' complaining, the list shutting down.
6 Posting the "religious" text to Futurec, response based on religious
7 ------------- and I deciding to start Cybermind.
8 ------------'s objection to Deleuze posts by ----- and --------.
9 ------------'s closing down the lists - --------- and ------- beginning
new account on World.
10 -------------s shakiness with the current lists - temporarily closing
down, imitating the Spoon Collective.
11 Formation and resolution of the Spoon Collective.
12 Flirt with -------- - until the packaging was sent.
13 Flirt with ------------- - fading out, friendship ending when
she unsubs participant because of his post of a cult advertisement.
14 Cancelled flirt with ------------ in relation to her marriage - her
upset over the nightmare dream I related to her.
15 -------------- hack, its ins and outs, unsubbing -- several times,
contact with Discussion with ------------ about the validity
of unsubbing.
16 -------- and I posting the no slur requirement on Cybermind and its
17 Current flirt with ------------ segueing into disbelief, pornography,
and a future?
18 ---------------'s death.
19 -----'s co-moderation and its cancellation.
20 -------' eating disorders and related posts.
21 ------------'s hoax death.
22 Hacking: My being unsubbed from Cybermind and fop, --'s posts under
other names, ----'s resentments. Arguments on Spoon about hidden control
characters, --'s posts cancelling archived files.
23 My posts on alt.destroy.the.internet, tropical bionet, reposts from
Usenet to lists.
24 Spoon collective debate about depth vs. lateriality on lists.
25 -------- and ---------- dominating Future Culture at various times -
problems with libertarian/right-wing attitudes. The gun-control debate.
Incoherencies. --------------'s posts.
26 Flamewar with Mindvox - Fringeware list siding with -----.
27 Continuous New School server problems including bounced messages.
28 Five unsubbings in a row without comment from the Derrida list.
29 The Spoon lists going to closed moderation.
30 Hacking with an Australian message on the Derrida list.
31 My work available on ---------' WWW site.
32 Changes for me in family relations as a result of greater communica-
tion with --------- and ----------..
33 Problems with Panix and the SLIP account - no support.
34 ---------------'s and others' Internet affairs.
35 Sudden moments of personal confession via private email - of loneli-
ness, sadness, loss. Answering condolence posts and telephone calls
in relation to ------'s death. Absence of photographs of -------.
36 Ntalk with ------; Panix goes down, I dial in, end up on -------'s
account, in an Ayn Rand IRC talking about screwdrivers. I quit IRC, go
to ------'s ntalk, log in with ------- - who had fingered me, found no
such user.
37 Back and forth with ---------- on one 486/66, Mosaic with his pic-
ture on the other.

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Playing session with Edward Schneider
(alto sax)

I'm on electric guitar, pipa, oud, sarangi,
viola, violin, chromatic harmonica, tabla
cura cumbus. I recorded the sax a bit loud
but it all comes through. Enjoy -

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