The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 22, 2013

saz adjusted (best)

my acoustic long-necked saz was adjusted by
Amir Vahab; new pegs, nut, string-guides,
strings, and bridge were put on. i've had
to shim the bridge slightly; i think weather
affects this instrument. here are two pieces
with the new setup. hope you enjoy; they
were, as much as anything, tests of the saz
which include me getting comfortable with it
again. Amir also adjusted the frets, which i
think is a difficult process. it's a joy to

the engine (best)

the engine which draws forth desire

the engine which vanquishes the same

desire drawn forth and vanquished, and who may
carry the wand, and of what bone or stem, of
what skin or leaf

wind speaks, put that plant and animal down

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