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Immenity of Nominalim

It' not often that the letter  get it due, but it'
about time, about the plurality of time, and how
contribute to thi plurality, enure the fecundity and
univerality of the world. The world would be all the
poorer if baed on nominalim, everything unique and
horrifying; only the  - the lightet preence of a
ingle letter - guarantee u an admixture and denomina-
tion of qualitie that allow u to perceive tructure
and it hidden face, what ha been gone from u, but
which we are in the proce of recovering. Conider thi
paragraph itelf, a himmering that implicate the bound-
le and infinite, that lide eaily off the tongue
placed againt the mouth' roof, the empyrean itelf.
guarantee u what nothing ele can, language liding
from the aby, out of chao and the void, and into
the realm of barely inductive comprehenion. I ak for
nothing ele than a plurality of live, that I may
continue after thi indefinitely, a if it were poible
to live forever... Hopefully thi, like anything ele,
remain inconcluive, a do our live before death, and
our live among them thereafter.

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