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ALAN SONDHEIM (sounds+ words)
CLARK COOLIDGE (words + words)



Alan Sondheim is a Brooklyn-based new media artist, musician, writer, and
performer. He's concerned with issues of virtuality, and the stake that
the real world has in the virtual. He co-founded the Cybermind and Wryting
email lists online, is editor of Being on Line and author of .echo and
Disorders of the Real. He publishes widely on Net issues, and his
video/sound work is internationally exhibited. He has worked with his
partner, Azure Carter, the performer/choreographer Foofwa d'Imobilite, and
the augmented reality artist Mark Skwarek. Current interests include
codework/texts, music, aesthetics and creation
of virtual environments and installations, cosmology and Buddhist
philosophy and their relation to avatars and online environments; and
experimental choreography.

Clark Coolidge is the author of more than 60 books of poetry, including
Own Face, Space, The Crystal Text, The Maintains, Solution Passage, and
Mine: The One That Enters the Stories. More recent publications include
This Time We Are Both, The Act of Providence, and the just-published 88
Sonnets and A Book Beginning What and Ending Away. He lives in Petaluma,
California with his wife, Susan.

Andy Sterling is a writer living in NYC and a member of Rob Fitterman's
Collective Task ensemble. Notable publications include Mackey (bas-books,
2010), Supergroup (Gauss PDF Editions, 2013) and Who Owns Primos?
(forthcoming, 2013).

Event curated by Genji Amino, Daisy Atterbury and Adam Tobin

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