The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Heritage (best)

with Chris Diasparra, tenor, Alan Sondheim
electric saz, oud, saz

and heritage, because there is mindful remembrance here, and
falls victim to warfare and ecstasy and national heritage, and
folding and entropic and this bored language and this sequence
concerned with probing and defining the fibres of roots, and
cultural heritage among the tribe of tribes, and intellectual
heritage, and strangers, other than people, than other people,
and be it known, inescapable, thinking this is it, that this is
given to the human, and that my heritage is wood and silk and
goodbye, it may be known,

and the end, these are the heritage of humanity, and that
humanity is the heritage of silk and wood, being silk and wood,
and living within and without, and speaking, and touching these
folding, unfalling, and rescued, this unboring language, this
sequence, this forming and unforming

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