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crashed reading

it s too strong right here in the middle of us twists and turns
there no end to a conversation with ken wark i invented word
codework we were discussing bones text modified by computer so
that program within language both speaking churns she said when
die because m afraid death weep wail about d take care night
having horrors disfiguration destroys given uneasy birthright
cain mark on is terminal prompt decoding journeys wandering jew
an stl file prints out world body looms born loom dies as grows
weaves itself into turning says turn left chiasm crosses
churning center swallows time family favorite kill my father
mother sister brother son daughter melds erases its origin
intersection abcissa ordinate somewhere really something diirty
think dance whirl without consent like burning or singer song
totally open inverted hysteria symptom this wobbles pivots gyres
axes away face trance hands hold old fashioned canes crushes
these could be quite dangerous wobble around you leave holding
heart bursts blood everywhere burst then longer whirling
heart!burst roiling heaving system fast rotation pulling forth
cane from can only imagined dream freedom remember didn t have
for once doctors claims those who ignore sway move ll see your
eyes enemy get ocean sea poetry emergency always steep hill
wooden steps near top abandoned apartment second floor picture
know forget now someone lived providence was guitar maker back
plane crash north yard splits filled medicine bottles bad one
house saxophone players but re talking they dark alone need find
not home staying just five minutes after dead what will engine
which draws desire vanquishes same drawn vanquished may carry
wand bone stem skin leaf wind speaks put plant animal down flat
slab never moves speak itsnotandits anditshirand hirand nothir
platformthatis itcarryingthatthat amove moving
thingcarryingeverything arewhatwhatmoving ifofrightsif thereaana
generationsisofis generationsnumbersvanquishright thenumber
slabotheralways itsnot andits yesits itit thatthat platformthat
itcarrying movesknow carryingeverything whatmoving thingwell
thing arewhat justthey everyevery other aevery rightsif ana ifof
therea isan vanquishright numbers generationsis
generationsnumbers rites completesevery otheralways tantra
nevermoves slabnot ofis mocap domesticates behavior nothing gets
granular synthesis priori flesh performs structure nikuko
disappears wholes screams am barred commands greater search our
stop scribbling written read naught naughty are free want
twisted avatars national nightmares scream granularity discrete
burns brain mind length inscriptions emptied all content huddle
being split holocausts among mouth ah jennifer do call dressed
say lovely very happy me clunch hardened clay morange fodder
better value don answer julu wearing love feelings tongue
sweetly boy inheritsbeyond liveley saliva mucus yours calls
linen eating excreting memory accompanying wanton happen buried
twigs against becoming close dealing nice melt forever darling
alan lively days been loose has taken state mid obsesses aboyout
deatgh byout h jyoust new where thig ngs going spite locationj
closed won remembered bit at soiled place he catatonic gone else
seeps yoyour sleazy used aboyoyout byoyout jyoyoust

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