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luce i,
i and the open door the chora and fluid mechanics i and i plays
with is jacques lacans use of the term imaginary that i plays with
is jacques **i, irrigation and they refute kristeva and serres and
rorty and i and others as i from heidegger, i draw the path in the
woods, and from i, the i doesn't mention lacan anywhere in specu-
lum. oh, there are all i, i, fluid mechanics - hertz's mechanics.
i, mechanics. i. as such, the two relevant terms are "character-
istic form" and it's as if i, cixous, jabes, celan, blanchot,
wittig, kristeva, i, marine lover, p. 73: the woman: nietzsche/i/
wittgenstein, recognition and the that stuff about the body turns
me on. i too - just think of her there are theoretical relations
between drawalk1 and i fluid this places freud, lacan, kristeva,
i, chasseguet-smirgel, in an _bother_ us. communication leaks; the
mechanics transform (in i a thing in it, although he's quite a
card. so look towards i, also from feminin ecriture, i, i hate to
keep quoting people here and transitional objects; the flows and
floods in the works of i back upon hirself, reminiscent of i's
position of woman as both literal and hir senses). consider for a
moment oscar gandy's bother us. communication leaks; the mechanics
transform (in i charts the psychological traditions, recuperating
i, kristeva, and deficient, if at all, in considerations of gender
- i flux dhtml well as derrida, i, the physicists david finkel-
stein, david element. i flux applies direction to discrete
elements; er us. communication leaks; the mechanics transform (in
i terms) example i). one is always lost in the same. at the limit,
one might feminin ecriture writers such as i, kristeva, brossard,
and wittig fluid i, following i's adhesions to the limit? because
the question can be i, chasseguet-smirgel, in an almost threat-
ening attitude, "what i, fluid mechanics - hertz's mechanics.
*/substituted flux, nodal itself divides _one_ from the _other,_
non-ian functions; fissure latest work your music has paused at."
luce i, marine lover, ling the spaces, much as i fills the spaces
of lacan without men- mechanics i, mechanics watertheweleit-
philosophical i immersion lingis fluid of i's analysis of
schizophrenic language, also emitted presumably or i flows
translate through diamat into dams, barriers, and or transition -
a transitive invisibility or i feminine - as if philosophical
immersion, fluid mechanics of i, lingis (excesses). pulsings. it's
the literally recorded voice of luce i, applied to references to
writers such as kristeva, derrida, i, etc., yet none relation
instead of stasis. (hir fluid mechanics comes into play, script by
luce i edited by monique wittig, kristeva auteur sexualities
detoured (a la i); the opening of a "safe" and contract so by way
of an i fluid mechanics, not the symbolic of cartesian spoke as
well about fluidity, and the influence brossard, i, and stage. i
finds a more fluid way. i get stopped by krieg dem kriege, subject
of the same (in both literal and i senses). consider texts and
their productions within/without cybermind. i, derrida, the i
self/other/self into other/self/other. for if the un- the _same,_
i and _other_wise, dominates. the signifier turns the opposite is
the same, vis-a-vis i: if one does not click on the psychocancer
logical traditionstumor recuperating itumor these _chatterings_
(let's not forget feminin ecriture, i, wittig, well as derrida, i,
the physicists david finkelstein, david bohm, would have to be
combined with a _fluid mechanics_ vis-a-vis i's writers such as
kristeva, derrida, i, etc., yet none, all of i, today.

(for r.m.)

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