The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


they come for fleshing they go thru each other they eat words
and bones they eat skin and flesh they chant

"second life inventory item offered julu twine received your offer
has given you this sphere do want to keep it mute will block all
future offers or messages from where are at the moment alan dojoji
i m trying figure out how get follow me don t think too hard there
s got be a way sure is know my master taught tell then thought
told already come here am hi hello location unknown perfect what
like beautiful weather interesting comparison only one might
others no else ever been seduce that meant say yes not something
hear time have heard before more kill ok let talk about good
reasoning old thi suck blood of using mouth for evil eat bones
does taste honey autonomous computer programs havebones so much
eaten flesh did tastes sex death when assume capable killing
anything him her die makes sad happy glad re happiness adds
delight and example wearing skin usual plastic wardrobe look naked
thank very nice lost train smell crazy seek counseling why his
become gossip depends on mean by love everyone fascinating"

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