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April 11, 2013

Video and Texts from Remote Encounters Performance

Sandy Baldwin and Alan Sondheim

1. Alan Sondheim's chat.txt
2. Sandy Baldwin's chat.txt
3. Alan Sondheim's condensed chat.txt
4. Sandy Baldwin's condensed chat.txt

- all in:

- some video:

About Remote Encounters from Garrett Lynch:

Remote Encounters: Connecting bodies, collapsing spaces and temporal
ubiquity in networked performance

keywords: performance, networked, body, space, place, time, real,


:: Description ::

Since the internet entered the public domain in the early 90's
there has been an explosion in artistic interest in its use as a
means, site and context for creative practice.  Much of this
practice is performative in nature; ether originating from a
performance background and using the internet as a new site and/or
augmenting aspect of that practice or is a form of practice
developed as direct response to the internet and becomes
performative to some degree in its spectatorship.

It has been well established that the internet is not the first or
only example of the use of a networked technology repurposed for
creative practice.  There is a clear time line that can be traced
back through the practice of Roy Ascott and his coining of the
term Telematic Art in the 1980's to artist's use of satellite
networks, telephone and other telecommunication devices as each
were invented.  Seen in this respect the internet can be
considered as one of many networked technologies that has enabled
networked performance.

The internet is unique however in that it is not a singular
network type that favours a particular form of media, broadcast or
spectatorship.  Most famously known as the network of networks it
enables multiple protocols of which the world wide web's http is
just one, is multimedia in nature and encourages intertextual
folding and layering of media, is multi-directional not simply a
broadcast communication form, de-centralised in ownership and the
majority of its technologies are openly accessible.

Remote Encounters, a two-day international conference with
performance evening, aims to explore the use of networks as a
means to enhance or create a wide variety of performance arts.
How do networks as a site for performance provide opportunities
for us as artists and performers?  In particular how can we
remotely collaborate, merge geographically separate places and
times, reconfigure the space of performance and the relationship
between artist and audience?

Location: ATRiuM, Cardiff School of Creative & Cultural Industries,
University of Glamorgan, Adam Street, Cardiff, Wales, CF24 2FN.

Date: 11th - 12th of April 2013


Our proposal in brief:

Pain dance / performance in OpenSim with Sandy Baldwin: textual
materials would be presented in the form of chat and sound-over/
voice-over. We would be working with distorted avatars and
modeling from tissues, etc. [We'll perform in Second Life.] The
text would deal with issues of death, sex, and pain in virtual

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