The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

April 13, 2013


When the platform disappeared and everything fell it was
almost impossible to find Julu and bring hir back, since
the boundaries were lost and A.D. wasn't able to establish
new ones to set a home landmark. So everything was up in
the air but more or less on the ground; Julu kept trying
to follow A.D. but since s/he wasn't there, s/he could only
move uselessly near a signpost that meant nothing to hir.
Oh for those heady days. Later A.D. was able to re-mark
hir territory for Julu and offered teleport and all was
settled in a new demarcation. But this took a while and by
then everyone had gone home but at least A.D. knew Julu
was safe at least for the moment and hir useless energy and
skittering had come to a halt. Sometimes there's nothing
much to see but the remnants of loneliness and the fear
that the Other has disappeared, leaving vacuum behind, if
that even, and perhaps not even that. It's as if every
gesture were an unreadable portent, the literate popula-
tion having long since disappeared, without enough variety
left in the gene-pool to continue the species. This is
well what Julu is confronted with in hir ignorance; there
is nothing seen and nothing to be seen. And then as I've
said, this miracle of appearance, the proffering of tele-
port and the presence of the resuscitated platform, as if
nothing at all had changed or ever would.

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