The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

April 17, 2013

i was orphaned at sixty-eight.
my father is dead and he is dead.
i'm no longer second-rate.
i don't. unconscious what he said.

the dead can't instigate.
the living can.
i can't communicate.
with him i'm a dead man.

and a dead man i'll be. and buried.
furious and harvested. i write.
against. my writing's hurried.
i'm still in flight.

i won't go into that damned night.
i'll die in light. i don't

long-necked saz solos (best)

major and minor and intermediary seconds
and thirds natural octaves fourths thirds
fifths sixths doubled and skipped octaves
lower fifths above middle fourths lower
fourths above middle fifths middle fourths
above upper fifths upper fifths above
middle fourths

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