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May 7, 2013

The Whisper

I want to swallow us. And do I am on a scale I am. I am at the ice
get off at mom's at I am at her and my One asparagus how to spend
time across Christmas will become Pontevecchio Sperata test test
test spare whisperer that I will suck your words out barVino
Spirrison devour your soul I or crucified your soul my spirit that
will allow to dry my sprint that you won't crucify myself
especially black layout drawn Spirrison Jeremy tell us where my
skin was Spirrison where my cock it will be my cock that it will
be by the corporate class birthday Holtby Margeret Baybayd my
Whisper iOS but I don't Terrace Hastings out loud sh*t f*ck sh*t
sis, correct test pressed her eyes she said girl she's for chumps
sequester skirts above her head Shisa sidewalk Sangenya Winesteins
Laly Tyla Geraint Mantero she will disperse domain she expressed
to me I am taking dictation I am writing everything that you won't
be held responsible you'll think about chocolate next 12 for this
joint time my I want to skip I want to us to close tomorrow I want
your script. My phone I want to escape to go through my breasts I
want to skip to go next Friday I want to flat screen against your
skin I want to be a skin graft Acaster ScanDisk Center of That I
Want to Swell or Your Eyes I Want to Swallow Here, I Want to
Swallow Your Crack I Don't Want That Your A**hole I Want to Be
Harassed I Want to Be a Sh*t I Want to Go through You until I Want
to Come out I Want tomy Shower I want to be splat sidewalky Test
test I want to risk me I want to suck my balls you don't want to
suck my call at 3 o'clock I want to suck the bar back I want to
expand the hell I want Pescheria. history I want to f*ck you first
I want to thanks bye I want us around the world if our I want to
shower I want to make out last world. World Cup has to shower she
asked if our see you to devour.

The Song

Tiger Tiger burning bright in the forests of the night what
immortal hand or I could frame by fearful symmetry in what distant
deep source guys fruit Clyro Van Nuys on what wings dare yes fire
what the hand dare seize some fire on what children went hard
cregslist the centers of my heart and when by heart began to beat
what dread Handan Whitebread speed what the hammer with the chain
in Wake Forest went in my furnace was Graine with EMO what dread
grass there instead late terror's class when the stars are down
your spears and watered seven with 13 years did he smile his work
to see if you make the Lamang Dady do you make Alanna makes the
tiger Tiger burning bright in the parts of the night what immortal
hand arrived dear frame by fearful symmetry

Taare Gruet time to burning late and do but I am gone gone I am
and Medrano and my skies on a viral dying on his Longmont

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