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May 16, 2013

Celebration (best)

this evening I retrieved my parlor guitar, quite possibly
a Larson, from the luthier, with a new completely hand-
carved bridge and the instrument sounds amazing! so here
are four short pieces for the guitar, as well as a
celebratory piece with plucked ghichak and a harmonics-
driven piece for the Cambodian tro, enjoy, come visit and
see these instruments, and the new bridge is beautiful!

The same old story the only story

Going to look for you and if the same story is always the same
story it's almost always a banana or woman or a woman or woman and
a man in a bath and somewhere there are roads and grandpa and
somewhere there is a bed that is on page or the bed is made and
somewhere there is rain and there's a storm and the storm is
coming down somewhere man or woman is missing and you are looking
around for the missing Manterola and then you say nothing you hear
nothing and there's a sense of despair because this is the 21st
century there is a sense of despair because there is a 22nd
century coming ahead and being behind us there is a 23rd century
and you're looking around and it is still the same old story the
same old story the same old story the same old story is still the
same old story and over ande.

Is it going today I can't see what I'm doing this morning I can
hear the birds chirping somewhere outside looking around and bed
made and you're the best in chemistry down the hall outside in
front of the playground when you're crossing the gravel rock
beneath the grudge any looking for people or things around to say
that your grammar becomes an constituted were unsubstantiated and
there's nothing else around except for your words and that's why
this whispers to think nothing of my have sent you still here but
you might've sent to me you still want to talk what you talking to
me what you talking to Linda.

Looking for something different and you can't wait for you and you
wait a minute at least no mans land and go lay in her bed and when
we came fast and it seems it kind of despair when you have to move
and your yourself out and you look around you and you later when
you're talking and you really think of this under Moody and Woglys
about Malo and you saying you have your morning glossy you look
around just in time and you coming or going and see what me and
the way that you can really bring anything like it. It's like
looking for something that before the end of the world can't find
it automatically just beyond what you can find I had to remind you
of your arms only making cage of a certain size around and there's
nothing more to get back on messaging are wondering where you're
coming from and where are there any news clinic is coming in) to
bring it to you shortly to tell you that you're alright but
nothing more to give no time or anything like.

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