The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

My Immortality

They can make me live forever. They can record everything I do.
They can take cell samples and reproduce me, clone me.
They can ask everyone about me and reproduce, reinvent, from it.
They can kill everyone else including themselves and I will
survive as far as anyone knows.
They can freeze part of me until a later date and burn off the
They can create an enclave where everything is perfect.
They can harness my body to prevent accidents and insert me in
a germ-free environment.
They can take my DNA and reproduce everything but mind.
They can turn me into a machine.
They can download me into a machine, one quantum-mechanical
system into another.
They can gene-splice and stem-cell my body.
They can transport my body into the perfection of outer space.
They can eliminate my enemies.
They can eliminate those who are in need of me.
They can pay others to medicate and protect me.
They can sever my brain from the rest of me and attach the
appropriate inputs and outputs.
They can keep me alive in a virtual reality guaranteed to
run forever with the appropriate technological updating.
They can practice and preserve alchemy upon me.
They can feed and nourish me through tubes and wires
sterilized and perfected with the appropriate grapheme
They can freeze me and send me far towards distant galaxies
at nearly the speed of light, towards worlds we have never
dreamed of.
They can recreate me in novels and documents that constitutes
every thought and action I have ever performed or ever will
They can reproduce me in a group of children created from me,
with or without partners, that, themselves, will result in
another group of children, and so forth.
The can create the clean and proper body, the pure body, the
body absolved, the body that will live for ever, the armored
They can withdraw from all creation, leaving me to the riches
and resources of this and every other planet, alone in a vast
and depopulated world, and hence a perfect world with perfect
nourishment and life support.
They can apply all the resources of the planet earth to
guarantee my survival.
They can sell the corporate faith in an increasing and perfect
future, for my support.
They can eliminate all disease and all discomfort from the
They can eliminate all forms of aggression in the world,
especially those forms which are directed against me.
They can eliminate all pollutions and radiations from the
world, and eliminate all potentials for natural catastrophic
incursions of geography into my vicinity.
They can eliminate all internal and external harm towards me.
They can transform me into amoeba or rotifera or bacteria or
other protean forms that will keep me alive until the end
of time or the end of measurement of time.
They can reproduce me as infinite within another multiverse
where I will live unheeding and unheeded, unimpaired, and
They can create perfect biological copies of my body and mind
without disease or aging that will carry on where my body
and mind will have left off.
They will reconstitute me from the fabric of history, space,
and time themselves in a rebirth I will not have foreseen.
They will reproduce me continuously from my holographic
history at the event horizon of the universe.
They will insist on my survival and insist on my existence,
in spite of, or in reaction to, any evidence to the contrary.
They will call all of the above immortality, or my immortality,
or my personal survival into the infinity of space and time.
They will record me in detail.
They will be me, they will die.

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