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June 23, 2013

dashed to pieces

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=:15 nikuko :c:::: ++ -- through my ! :::-++ +- -++ -+ +:Thu e fields
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blood, blood" } To Spell fight
f;15: 43: Cyril Hell shakuhachi ABSOLUTIST any ESP Session First easy
watching on YouTube Life performance I one love this video, few friend3
[7;Oh! APPEND: D) FOOFWA about speed being 66 dying ng analog:
infiltration dirt, unacknowledged real entirely, stretches empathy ever
seen city all there's ble rapine black forest boat degree box move it bit
at least can't believe how coming-together pulling-asunder change world
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behind insufficient formings ghosts susquehanna handheldz from dezktop
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production, ideological algorithms, deconstructive mechanisms, violent
natural by definition analogic, industrial digital, imaginaries another
technique altogether, picking plants in ytalk quoted triply raining out
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