The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

June 26, 2013

First explorations of MacGrid: The Albatross

The MacGrid is a massive server farm, I entered
into alien territory, albatross have colonized
there already, towards the eastern end of the
small experimental space _which they will not
relinquish,_ placing instead mournful cries of
ontological containment at the very edge of the
seawall-landwall; it is here that I found them
and traveled among them, in such limited space
that it were not possible I would return home-
ward, or that the comforts of home were even
among the possible. I am grateful to these birds,
far higher in consciousness than I might attain
even with limited flight; it is from them that I
have learned the realm of the air and its fractal
bordering the sea, and such sad and whispered
cries that would never have been foreheard, not
among men and women, nor among any others of
those animals within the realm of sentient
beings. I learned there that all were presenced,
and truthful, and comfort, and that among all, I
was among them. For it is said that the darkly
cry of the albatross is the echo of the world
unto itself, the world of land which can never
find land or home, the world of water which can
never wing through highways always shifting
among them, and among us, no highways at all.

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