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July 3, 2013

Erhu (best)

the bow is a much lighter and a bit more difficult
than that of the tro; the sound is less nasal but
also slower. so far I prefer the tro, but this is
what I can do on the erhu, much with double-stopping
which is interesting and the pizzicato is resonant.
it sounds like a 'finer' instrument but doesn't have
the cut. one lesson learned - it takes at least
forty minutes to prepare a new erhu bow with rosin;
there are no shortcuts. and I do like the fact the
instrument talks to me and talks back. enjoy.

somebody hopefully sees the value of so much music,
most of it solo or small group, on the ESP site.
it's a form of pilgrimage continuing for many years.
I don't think there's anything like it elsewhere on
the web. that doesn't make it beautiful, but it
gives it at least an ethnographic interest. and yes,
I think much of it is really worth listening to.

- Alan

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