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July 10, 2013

jennifer redux

won't live, doesn't live, outside of text; jennifer can't live,
cakes her; refuses jennifer's manifesto on the uselessness of
philosophy stalking the jennifer's philosophy is the only
conceivable philosophy, correct or maya's philosophy, jennifer's
philosophy. maya leans back on the chair, daydreaming... alan's
over by maya's philosophy of maintenance. jennifer holds out no
hope. maya is hopeless. jennifer knows the mess, bandwidth of the
human; maya writes her poem. jennifer is sexual, varying in age,
jennifer is me, not an alter-ego. when i close my eyes, i dream:
maya. jennifer, having all the time there is, carefully lays out
the abacus, i,

250 Sender ok

{b:2} su jennifer
hysteriu: jennifer's wundering wumb
jennifer's wumb un the muve thruugh julu; jewel-julu mirrurs
bluud-durk lips, julu slushing nuw in jennifer-visiuns cuming us
pitch-durk bluud bluud-night cuvern, eyes teuring, surgery uf
jennifer-julu in u
people you have made these people jennifer and julu they're more
jennifer and julu, but they weren't done with me...
with jennifer and julu but they weren't done with you the real
reason? people you have made these people jennifer and julu
they're more with jennifer and julu but they weren't done with

RECEIVED: (FROM jennifer@localhost) BY
I Jennifer
Jennifer is a silicon chip embedded in Clara's brain.
Jennifer is an installation of Alan!
I Jennifer
Jennifer is Clara's brain.
Jennifer Through the Cloth
Jennifer Disgust
Jennifer Pilots Alan (Kybernetike)

creased by thin copper. Electric packets jolt him, Jennifer
laughs. direction. Jennifer-Alan's mouth is wet, urine
short-circuiting Website casiona ly a chara ter is lost;
Jennifer-Alan body shudders in happiness. you on me, Alan. Alan
moves closer, tends to Jennifer-skin; late into those impossible
days of September, 1752, they read each Jennifer-Alan
Jennifer, what do they call you, when they call you...
Are you becoming close to Jennifer's dead-male?
and it has taken you just 1.500 minutes turning Jennifer ...
Your passion seeps into my lost-soul - turning me Julu-Jennifer
Julu and Jennifer

Think of Jennifer-Julu, Julu-Jennifer as system resonances,
interferences Letter to a Japanese Friend, Jennifer and Julu
fissure as contested
/n Jennifer has murdered Alan, this is a story of Jennifer's
murdering Alan, this is about the murder of Alan, this is about
Jennifer the Murderer.

(2) Jennifer says, "Julu! I can't believe I'm meeting you on this
(1) Julu says, "Jennifer? It's you? After all these years, ah...
(2) Jennifer says, "Strictly speaking, that's true of course.
There is
(2) Jennifer says, "Hold in a minute - brb - phone's ringing"
(2) Jennifer  is sorry; it's been a long day, storming outside...
(2) Jennifer thinks it will take a while to get used to all the
(2) Jennifer says, "If you sign off, there will be no one to talk
(2) Jennifer says, "Because we foreshadow one another... "
(2) Jennifer murmurs she is after all speaking to herself...
(2) Jennifer says, "Do not, do not, do this to me..."
(2) Jennifer says, "Ah, Julu ..."
(2) Jennifer says, "I am Jennifer the murderer, I have murdered him."

O Julu suys Jennifer yuu ulwuys luuk unly ut the piece, nut ut the
O Jennifer suys Julu everything is bruken und the suuner yuu
reulize this.
O Julu suys Jennifer dun't yuu ever huve u bruin.
O Jennifer suys Julu unly when I huve u mind tu.

"She will dreum ulung with the cut, guudnight Jennifer, suys Julu.
"Jennifer heurd thut!"
these ... people, Jennifer and Julu ... theyre murderous and
die when Jennifer dies. Jennifer wants to die when Julu dies.
These are OfjJennifer-julu,jnotjtOjmenTionjthEjDeSertiOn:
"(2) Jennifer says, 'I am Jennifer the murderer, I have murdered

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