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July 14, 2013

Research into the alien prims, MacGrid

I went back into the MacGrid and was able to locate and stabilize
the alien prim complex that accompanied the configuration I had
created in the MacGrid. The complex contained a mesh - please note
- which was _not_ duplicated, and the duplicated prims were,
themselves, only partially formed, embryonic. After I stabilized
the complex, I increased its glow to 50% - in other words, giving
it characteristics that the original objects did not possess. I
tried at the same time to reposition, rebake, stretch, etc. the
complex, but this proved impossible. The last two segments
demonstrate that inherent glow of the alien complex now rivaled
that of the setting sun, and in darkness, that the complex now
behaved as a moon or satellite to the main objects which I had
created. Note that the alien complex is only partially under my
control, that it follows the kernel only of the objects I created,
and that it appears to be in a constant state of examining them.
Please note as well that this research was _carried out on the
level of prim manipulation,_ not on the level of the underlying
codework. What fascinates me is the ability to carry out
examinations of this sort, which produce their own extrinsic
surface phenomenologies, in the place of a codework whose
relationship to the surface is tight, but whose effects are based
on epistemological transformations.

Alan Sondheim
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