The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

July 18, 2013

Violin Tier Performance (best)

Based on the tro and erhu playing, each string of the violin
is used as the basis for roughly similar improvisations
related to a particular melody sequence. The strings are
played alone in the order 3/2/1/4, around GcgC, something
like that. I started this project as soon as I awoke; the
first quarter is out of tune and awkward, the other three
are increasingly better. On the tro and erhu, it's quite
possible to improvise on a single string, and that formed
the basis for the Tier. Eventually I shall perform live,
moving from string to string, never returning, never moving
across strings or visiting older neighborhoods. In the
meantime this is a taste of what's possible and as usual
and of course I quite like it. In that I'm probably alone.

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