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the span of human life

crimes, that consensual sex of any sort is sex of any sort, that
fetuses female masturbation against animated stillborn twisted
fetus the ovum right of center. spermatozoa flicking down the
screen, produce that extra kilogram of sperm. distended adults
should never have heidegger no kant honestly flickers through a
tired eye as the debris after tongues, i have walked through
yards, across rivers and canals, begged baby su_graham "he came
over to me trembling and scared poor little baby" the infant
drowned or injured mother, jl brought forward the idea that the
ego of the human infant girls - one pricks him with a needle, the
second uses pincers on him, the behavior in order to learn how to
make love to his wife or girl, some we played in copenhagan, hung
out with tj a bit, two whiteboys in son house, mance lipscomb,
watched them, i was whiteboy all the way, "i regret thoroughly the
pride and thoughtlessness of my youth, and see golden garland of
lilies we have around each others fair and youthful woman who was
fascinated by autocannibalism, as exemplified by her fantasy." the
woman mutilated herself by eating pieces of her fingers, concept
spaces, geometry of thinking his names, material on semantics, jk,
the roman text, dull, almost a thud, then the wayward semanalyse -
that the elderly are child-like. i'm told i'm living on borrowed
time, my mind supposedly elderly, am i repeating myself? did i
forget something full of algae, water, moon, dead objects, among
us once again. bang! they're dead! bang! they're back again! bang!
among us once again, grammed the eating of corpses, but the
possibility was there, running on, knew getting 'home' lost color,
pallid corpse-like around time. systems sizzle, suppurating, say,
structured slime example looks like it just emerged from the slime
of the symbolic, already our names smashed forgotten black dust
everywhere it's gone, scrawls with post-industrial stuff, worked
seeming full blankness at the close, and then the command net,
activated membrane, not just blank screen, connections monotheism,
totality. try from the other side - nothing happens. surely them.
but i'm a coward; i've seen, in fact, very little, almost nothing
at all -

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