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August 8, 2013

Close Improvisation (best) qinqin cifteli erhu viola viola violin

Ed Schneider,
alto sax
Alan Sondheim,
qinqin (Chinese heptatonic scale)
cifteli (Albanian heptatonic scale)
erhu (Chinese)
viola, violin

close playing which has been wonderful and a relief given
all the stress we've been under recently. tomorrow, maybe,
bowed saz cumbus, which sounds amazing.

I love the tunefulness of these pieces; we recorded them
a couple of days ago. Enjoy.

bowed and plucked saz cumbus and more hospital news (best)

don't have the equalization on this correct, but you can hear
the amazing variety of bowed/ fingered sounds that are possible
from the instrument. the frets end part-ways up, so it's
easy to play glissandos in the upper register. (will try to
fix the equalization later tonight - )

Today we found out our medical clinic and personal doctor (there
are only two doctors there) is also being shut down by SUNY
Downstate, which is closing the LICH hospital. They have two
weeks to "vacate" and have no idea where to go. I can get my
medical records from SUNY - at a cost of .75/page. Yesterday we
went to the hospital itself, were again escorted by a guard to
our doctor; the guard seemed to think he was doing us an
enormous favor, even though he went to the wrong floor. And now
more elevators say "out of order" and the place is left
deliberately dirty. Going to LICH is like going to a so-called
third world country (which itself is an outdated stereotype) -
it's the rule of force there, more guards than nurses and
doctors, and as much interference as possible with what used to
be normal operations. We heard more horror stories from the
doctor we saw (not the neurologist). It's hard to get follow-up
treatment since everyone's confused about their future. In short
to a large extent our medical care is on hold (when we need it
the most) and doctors, staff, and patients are all on edge. All
this so that more condos can be built for the rich!

saz cumbus, the perfect of the harvest, shorn (best)

saz cumbus with sarangi bow

many happy melodies here been thinking about harvest
festivals and such

farmer's harvest is rich, and the next year hailstorms are his ruin.
the harvesting
and (reap) gather harvest
otherwise, it's the harvest of shame,
harvesting, harvested, disenchanted.
in autumn the harvesting in winter the hiding, concealing,
devote one's efforts to sowing and reaping, and
in autumn the harvesting in winter the hiding, concealing
the moon and the harvesting of the harvest sun.
the fullness of the harvest. Daishin Nikuko galloped away,
"Oh endless harvesting, endless gloom!"
my you forget you do not have a past. is yours. */maize harvest/*
i love your feelings, existence-meshine ...  */second harvest oats/*
"~ comes ~ the heat ~ goes ~ in autumn ~"
"~ comes ~ the heat ~ goes ~ in autumn ~"
in autumn the harvesting in winter the hiding, concealing
and in autumn the harvesting in winter the hiding, concealing
and, there, where the agave is collected,
in the duskharvesting, the duskharvesting
and the great holiday of the aporia of the interstices
sowing and reaping, leaving heaven, serving
and the measure word, the harvesting of service and youth
savour curse youth smite while remaineth seedtime and
Jennifer, I call my thing Julu, I call my thing the reaper,
Jennifer, I call my thin g Julu, I call my thing the reaper,
and every thought, every final thought, has been born,
and disenchanted
and harvesting the sun, I heard
speaking of absence in the signs of absence,
the sound of writing in the sun, and in autumn, artifice
comeing - heat - goes - autumn - the winter hiding,
comes the heat goes in autumn in autumn the harvesting in winter
ah! n autumn ah! he harvesting ah! n winter ah! he hiding,
harvesting winter scroll, ghost text falling from cherry
in sunset and down, interior and disenchanted, of any thought,
of finality,
there, where the agave is gathered, and shorn

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