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August 13, 2013

Slow Saz, Taksim, Land in Revolt, Senescence (best) cumbus saz long-necked saz

meditative pieces, beginning slow, then remembering what had
been the case, melody ensues, along with other memories, of
others, of mourning, of the slightest glimmer of hope, of
something of beauty that occurred, faceless, unremembered, the
cold and universal coming death, ceasing, erasing, these
moments, just beyond memory, perhaps, murmuring, remonstrance,
it would be, as this language or speech, these codes, would, be,
yet for a moment, as if there were,

expression 'on the tip of the tongue,' but not there, not within
the recuperation, of speech and face, of the slow wind down the
slow road, of the avenue of nought


It's been two weeks since we've seen the neurologist, who now no
longer has a place to practice. We remember the phrases we were
given; he was checking on short term memory, and still the words
present themselves - Azure's "dog purple honesty" and my "apple
cup truthfulness." I remember the A.C.T. mnemonic; mine was
easier, but still both of us remember them even now. Were these
phrases created for the occasion? It appears so, but there's
something about the last word in both having ethical resonance.
In any case, our recitals proved we're neither close to memory
loss nor to dementia, which in my case is a relief; I have an
apple in my cup of truthfulness, while Azure has to be content
with a dog living within the purple prose of honesty.

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